10 Guidelines for content marketing.


Content marketing has become a really big thing now although they say content is king i actually disagree though that sale is king not the content since the content is aimed at bringing sales.

We can also say content is not king if it is not bringing in sales.

One of the main problems we’ve found is that many companies jump into content marketing without a solid plan, posting things willy-nilly and with no clear purpose. 

Not only is this ineffective, but it can also erode your credibility, reputation, and brand trust. But no need to beat yourself up over it because it’s a relatively easy fix — you just need a plan. And we’re going to tell you how to make one.  

Guidelines for making a content plan.

1. Determine your overall content marketing goals and KPI’s(Key Performance Indicators)

2. Map out what you need to achieve your goals

3. Research on topics that’ll attract your audience

4. Consider topics that can drive search traffic

5. Determine your distribution plan – having a good understanding of your audience will aid this as you audience determines your distribution channel and it could be through social media, radio, magazine and so on.

6. Come up with a publishing schedule 

7. Assign the right people to each task 

8. Determine owners and collaborators for each piece 

9. Develop a conversion optimization plan for each piece

10. Launch!