4 Characteristics That Improves Sales.


Do you ever wonder if you’re the right fit for a sales career? While every company may have its own sales culture, within cultures there’s a certain type of person who is a fit for sales. Consider what it takes to be successful in sales if you’re already embarking on your sales career or if you are wondering if sales is the right career for you.

Ability to deal with uncertainty: There is a lot of uncertainty in sales. Customers may change when there are new hires or retirements. A day can change when an appointment gets canceled. Company strategies can change and products can be eliminated. All this means that those who resist change are unsuitable for sales.

Ability to create and understand processes: People who look only at their sales numbers often lose sight of what it takes to get those numbers to grow. Sales truly is about implementing the right process to get the desired results. A good salesperson recognizes that and is able to develop and then improve his or her sales process. Selling without a process ends up being a waste of time and that won’t work in sales.

Right Competitiveness: Sales managers often will display sales numbers so salespeople can see where they rank in a group. While the competition might be between you and the other salespeople on your team, you really are competing with yourself. After all, you cannot control how hard someone else works. Nor can you control the types of businesses that move in or out of someone’s territory, including your own.

Autonomous ability to work: I rarely hear people say that sales is a lonely profession, although it can be. Many salespeople work on their own and never become part of an office culture. They make their own decisions about scheduling, prospecting, proposals, and pricing.

There are some people who don’t like the isolation of working in sales. They need to be in an office environment where there is a water cooler for chatting with coworkers. 

These people are not a good fit for sales.