5 Best Forex traders in Nigeria.


Nigeria as a country has an active Fx trading market and also making things easier Forex trading is 100% legal.

Forex trading requires sharp observation, patience, good understanding of analysis and other hard skills as recommended by experienced traders.

However as a newbie Forex trading can be very overwhelming with so much to be understood and being able to manage your finances without blowing out.

Above all there are some people that when it comes to forex trading in Nigeria they are well respected folks and strong authorities in the industry.

Top Forex Traders In Nigeria.

Chinedu Onuoha.

Chinedu Onuoha is a very experienced trader, being in the arena of Forex for almost 12 years. Onuoha emphasizes that a sustainable strategy is key to success. When a person chooses a particular direction, it should not be winning at one week and losing the second week.

After some time, he expanded the latitude of trading and became involved in commodities, futures, and equities. When asked what it is the most important thing for a trader, the answer was the reduction of losses. Of course, it is difficult to avoid them, but with the correct strategy, you can minimize it and embark on the way to become the richest Forex trader in Nigeria.

Uche Paragon.

Uche Paragon started trading Forex in 2007 at a young age. He specializes in trading oil and currencies, the decision which he explains by the fact that it is the most active market in the world with investors.

Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa.

Afioluwa is also an example of a person who started Forex trading with losses. While being an entrepreneur himself, he decided to take on a new business opportunity and found out that Forex trading was a chance of getting rich quickly.

Benjamin Ilesanmi Ajimoko.

Being Senior Sales Executive, Benjamin Ilesanmi Ajimoko has also achieved success in Forex with proper mindset and psychology. After trading for some time, he established himself as a teacher rather than a trader to provide key insights for people interested in trading. He explains that people who come into the market with a desire to earn millions in a blink of an eye often end up in losing positions. They trade emotionally, thus becoming the victims of failure.

Blessing Ezeako.

Not only men but also women are involved in Forex trading, and one representative that we have here is Blessing Ezeako. She is a clear example of an individual, ignoring all the stereotypes.

Initially, she started Forex trading as a business opportunity, and soon after that, it became a full-time job. Ezeako says that the main thing for her in Forex is not about getting rich but about knowledge. When she was still a beginner and slowly learning the basics of Forex, she suffered losses. She was very unlucky, but changing the direction when you have a hard time to reach goals is another key trait of a successful Forex trader.