Richest Nigerian business owners

5 Habits of business moguls you should emulate


Business moguls inspire us to be great just as they are. However, they didn’t achieve success by luck. Instead, they got there by developing good habits which are powerful tools that can be used to reach certain goals in areas like health, fitness, money, relationships etc.

Inculcating the habits below might not guarantee you becoming a mogul; however it will help you become more productive and successful in your life endeavours.

Habits of business moguls you should emulate.


Business moguls know and understand networking as this gives them the opportunities to have exclusive rights to many things that are not offered to ordinary individuals; Speaking of engagements, trips, best of meals, private and public events, and most importantly the ability to push their ideas forward by meeting the right people.

The truth is they are also good at politics because they know that political leaders make policies that will affect their businesses. So, they get involved.

Open Mindedness or Flexibility.

The readiness to learn new things or willingness to adopt new ideas and better systems also gives them a edge over others or ordinary individuals as they also  they study trends, concepts and apply what they have learnt to become successful.


Business moguls are experts at diversifying major things in their life. They diversify their sources of income/products, they diversify the countries they invest in, and they diversify the people they surround themselves with.

They sorround themselves with smart people.

There is a saying “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”. Business moguls surround themselves with the smartest people ranging from strategists, advisers, accountants, and fellow billionaires who they continually brainstorm with on ideas to keep expanding their frontiers.

Early Rise Or Waking up early.

Nigerian billionaires make the best use of time by waking up early, thereby creating time for other priorities. Exercising is also part of the morning routine because that is when testosterone levels are high. It has other benefits such as strengthening the heart, and playing a major role in increased energy, positivity, and stress management.

Research shows that exercising early in the morning will help boost memory, concentration and mental sharpness – which are traits that can have a big influence on career and success.