5 Key Logo Design Tips That Can Help Your Business Perfect Its Marketing Image..


Logos are very important. They can be daunting to design but are a must for any business and are the cornerstone of any good business brand, or even a personal brand. You want your logo to explain who you are and what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. You’ll include it on social posts, presentation decks, marketing materials, business cards and more. This sounds kind of crazy right? yes it does how will a small piece of graphics carry so much features like that.
You don’t really have to know how to design a logo as this can be outsourced but having a good knowledge of this will greatly help even when you outsource this.

5 Logo design tips to perfect your marketing image.

  1. In order to establish brand cohesiveness and a clear vision for your company’s image, try to match the logo to pre-existing branding. This could mean asking your logo creator to coordinate:
  • Matching colors.
  • Similar or slightly modified graphics.
  • Similar or identical fonts and type faces.
  • Similar relaxed, formal, professional.

2. Striking the balance between an attractive and professional vibe in your logo can be a top challenge to overcome. Make sure to incorporate:

  • Clean lines and the incorporation of simple geometrical shapes
  • A handful of key colors to draw the eye
  • Either all-serif or all-sans serif fonts throughout the logo

3. Empty space can be tricky to deal with in logo design, but there are a few general rules to help you create a balanced logo. Remember to:

  • Avoid broad empty spaces that look awkward
  • Balance the logo carefully to help it appear symmetrical
  • Leave some empty space to avoid sensory overload in your audiences

4. Once you’ve perfected the logo’s design, remember to maximize its potency by coordinating it with upcoming campaigns. You may choose to:

  • Release the logo on your social media channels ahead of upcoming marketing campaigns as an early teaser
  • Incorporate the logo into re-branding efforts or new product launches
  • Place the logo on your company website, at the bottom of official company emails, on official stationery, and on employee uniforms if relevant
  • Incorporate the logo into your future advertisements and other marketing efforts to help customers associate it with your business.

5. One way to ensure your logo captures the company spirit is to incorporate a few choice words. You could add in:

  • Your company’s slogan or top motto
  • Your business’s motivating values
  • Catchy, trademarked phrases
  • Selected words meant to provoke certain emotions in your audiences