7 Best web hosting affiliate programs to earn with.


 Almost everyone, if not everyone who wants some form of online presence is likely to need some form of web hosting. It’s one of the inescapable truths of the Internet. Thankfully, this truth also makes the web hosting affiliate market one of the most lucrative areas to move into – with the right choice of hosting brands.

If you’re a blogger, marketer or content creator, here are some of the highest-paying web hosting affiliate programs to get involved in now. A success story may even bring in more income than almost any fixed-income job.

Here are some of the affiliate programmes.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a high-priced, full-featured, Managed WordPress hosting service provider. Their web hosting plans are not cheap as they start from $25/month – but this allows the WP Engine affiliate program to offer stunning payouts. 

WP Engine Commission Rate: $200 per Sale + Bonuses

Their commissions come as one-time payments for every new purchase, a whopping $200 minimum or equivalent to the first-month amount – whichever is higher. For an annual purchase, the total price is divided by 12 to find the equivalent monthly rate.

Bear in mind that they need the new referrals to remain uncancelled for a minimum of 62 days before any commission is considered final. Affiliate payments are on the 20th of each month but note that you don’t get commissions for plan upgrades and add-ons. 

There’s an additional bonus commission structure as well. If you refer more than five and less than ten customers each month to WP Engine, you get an extra $100 on top of your existing commission. This additional commission goes up to $1,500 for more than 60 referrals.

WP Engine has a fantastic 180-day cookie duration, so you have up to six months for your visitors to help you earn your commission. That’s one of the most extended cookie duration you’re going to find in the web hosting affiliate space. 

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting - Commission rate: $55 - $125 per sale

A2 Hosting ticks all the right boxes necessary for a stable and fast website with its excellent server performance and powerful features. The A2 Hosting affiliate program is known for its low-cost tag and superior quality services. 

Although A2 plans start at a very impressive low of $2.99/mo, they scale quickly, and some hosting plans can cost a fair amount. Regardless of plan cost, you’ll earn a fixed amount per sale since the company wants more volume instead.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Commission: $55 – $125 per Sale

Their tagline – the more you sell, the more you earn.


Bluehost affiliate program

With over $5 million paid in commissions last year, it is no wonder that the Bluehost affiliate program is the favorite among many. Bluehost is a household name in the web hosting space and one of the most heavily promoted service providers for WordPress. 

Their hosting plans start low at $3.95/month – an excellent buy-in price that helps with getting higher conversion rates. Terms on the affiliate program are impressive – a flat $65 for each qualified sale. You don’t need to meet a certain tier level before qualifying for this rate. 

They also provide attractive banners which you can use on your website. As of writing, Bluehost offers commission for only qualified hosting purchases. There are no other additional commissions for add-ons or hosting renewals. 

BlueHost Hosting Commission Rate: $65 per Sale.


HostGator - affiliate program

HostGator is one of the longest-standing web hosting services in the industry. They offer low hosting plan prices starting at $2.75/mo, and the HostGator affiliate program offers flexible payouts beginning with a progressive tiered payout structure. 

Hostgator Commission Rate: $65 – $125 per Sale

Affiliate commissions are performance-based that reward a higher volume of conversions. It darts at $65 per signup, and if you refer more than 21 successful sales per month, it eventually hits a high of $125 per signup.


Cloudways affiliate

Cloudways provide high-performance and security Cloud hosting with a choice of infrastructure provider. The Cloudways affiliate program has a flexible commission structure and gives you a choice between a performance-based commission (Slab) or a more passive income model (Hybrid).

Cloudways Commission Rate: $100 per Sale

If you opt for the Slab model and refer 45 customers, they’ll pay you $100 per sale. This amounts to total earnings of $4,500. The Slab model resets on the 1st of each month.


GreenGeeks affiliate

For affiliates who are nature lovers, GreenGeeks is an excellent choice with which to partner. They offer eco-friendly web hosting plans that pay GreenGeeks affiliates in a tiered structure based on volume. Essentially, it’s another that has a focus on the volume of sales.

GreenGeeks Commission: $50 – $100 per Sale

Even if you only refer one successful sale per month, it will earn a $50 commission. Unlike other hosts that expect you to refer dozens of sales each month, you make progressively more with each additional sale – up to a cap of $100 per sale.


iPage affiliate

iPage offers various plans suitable for a broad audience, including one that has an introductory price of $1.99/mo. The iPage affiliate program has a tiered commission rate that also rewards those with high sales volume – The more you refer, the more you’ll get. 

iPage Commission Rate: $65 – $125 per Sale

Commissions also vary depending on plans sold. Shared, WordPress, Website Builder, and VPS hosting plan sales receive a $65 commission.