Working a side hustle

8 Side hustles that can be used to complement your professional career.


These days lots of career focused individuals are on the look out for ways to maximize their profits, increase revenue, and also secure themselves in case the unexpected happens and one of the easiest ways if not the easiest way this can be achieved is by investing in a side business or hustle.

With all that being said let’s dive into the eight side hustles that can be used to complement your job or professional career.

8 Complementing side hustles.

Graphics design.

While you might be working at your job or your business as an entrepreneur having design skills can also go a long way in complementing your income as you can get paid to help solve design problems such as designing of logos, Visual branding, illustration and so on. Beware that the demand for graphic designers is on the rise so there are lots of opportunities.

Social media management.

A social media manager is a person that’s in-charge of a company or a brands online or social media presence to be precise as you will be required to create contents that get attention, respond to comments, run ads and also respond to comments the most amazing part of it all is that it can be done from anywhere meaning you could even do it while at your office or even during your free periods.


This is highly lucrative and also highly untapped as lots and lots of people are unaware of the opportunities available for bloggers.  While there are lots of people involved in blogging, not everyone does it right. You have to create a niche for yourself and decide what topics to focus your writings on. Then you work on building an audience for yourself.

Fitness Coach Or Trainer.

As a fitness coach, you can work part-time while you keep your job full time and even run your business if you’re an entrepreneur. This is a double earning side business because you earn money and still get to keep your charisma and physical fitness. You can provide instructions, workout sessions, training and challenges to help other individuals stay in shape.

Content Writing.

This requires you to provide relevant content for businesses, websites, blogs based on their audiences this doesn’t require too much training just write with inspiration, understand the audience, learn and be creative.

Digital Marketing.

This requires a combination of organized efforts to get a product or service to the right audience using electronic media especially in this modern world of e-commerce and things going online the demand for digital marketers has greatly sky-rocketed.

This can also be done from anywhere meaning whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee having a digital marketing skill will not only help your business and increase your sales but will also enable you serve others and improve your income.

Web Design.

Having a web design skill means you can come up with great ideas and transform them to stunning websites, these days brands, big businesses and even SME understand the importance of having an online presence and how it can help them reach a larger audience having the skill will help you bring solutions to the problem.


This can be done both online and offline but if you feel you don’t really have much time to tutor offline online is a great option or you could record the necessary lectures and have it sent to your students, apps like Zoom, Google meet, TeamViewer, and so on have made tutoring easy the only downside of it all is that it is easily affected by a slight error with you internet connection. If you’ve got a skill that you want to earn with teaching it to someone else or others is a great way to start.