Again:- Balogun Market On Fire, properties destroyed by the inferno.


Properties worth millions of naira are feared to have been destroyed in the raging fire at the popular Balogun market in Lagos. At least five buildings, including ‘Anambra Plaza’ were caught in the fire while some traders in the affected buildings threw down their goods through the windows.

According to a report, the Lagos State Firefighters are still battling the inferno, which might result in the loss of goods and valuables at the location. 

From odn news.

The reason for the fire outbreak has not been made known by the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) but it is being reported that the fire started from a Plaza, which escalated to three other Plazas within minutes. Channels TV reported that the fire has extended to two other buildings.

The fire started early in the morning, at the same time the fire outbreak witnessed in the market in November 2019 started. For now, there is no casualty report.

Concerns keep growing about the recent outbreaks in the market and also in the state.