Contentify by AM

Contentify by AM is an in-house service rendered by Adebanjo Media to some of its brands and also to outside brands. A large part of the content creation process is done by human beings using AI and SEO Tools. With this type of fusion, we create high quality and search engine optimized articles

How to Increase Sales With E-mail Marketing

This article will discuss how to increase sales with email marketing. Growing sales with email marketing involve using email messaging as a vital tool in generating sales and attracting diverse customers, thereby promoting your business. What is E-mail Marketing? E-mail marketing involves sending business-related messages to different individuals or groups, soliciting their support or patronage. …

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7 Current Hot Niches for E-Commerce

This article will discuss 7 of the current hot niches for e-commerce. We explore all that eCommerce entails especially in the 21st century. In short, E-Commerce involves activities relating to conducting and transacting business using various telecommunication resources or tools. What is E-Commerce? E-commerce is the buying, selling, and exchanging of various goods and services …

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