Basic tech skills you must have as a business owner.


Having basic tech skills is a must for every business owner as it helps a lot especially cost a small business owner should at least be able to edit pictures do basic graphics and so on.


Search engine optimization experts have a language all their own, and if you’re not privy to any of it, you’ll miss out on some valuable opportunities to grow your business online. Take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the most common terms of the trade such as backlinks, PageRank, anchor text, meta tags, search algorithm, SERP, and keyword density. Even better, take a quick seminar on SEO specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. In a matter of a few hours, you’ll gain some valuable skills that may dramatically improve your website’s success.

Email Marketing

Nurturing relationships with warm leads and customers requires ongoing communications. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to send relevant content to them on a regular basis. From newsletters and eBooks to coupons and private sales promotions, a brand-driven email campaign can go a long way toward staying top of mind with those who are likely to buy from you.

Google Analytics

If you’ve invested time and money in a website, content, and SEO, you will naturally want to monitor the results of your efforts. While there are lots of analytics tools on the market, Google Analytics remains one of the best tools for small business owners.


There was a time, not that long ago, when you had to call a programmer every time you wanted to make a change to your website. Now, small business owners can log in to WordPress and make design or content changes in a matter of minutes.

Although first developed as a blogging platform, WordPress is now used to create sites for businesses of all sizes. 

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

The internet has dramatically changed telecommunications and has leveled the playing field for small business owners. Even a solo entrepreneur can now have an enterprise-quality phone system with an auto-attendant, multiple extensions, on-hold messages, prompts, and more.


Excel is by no means a new technology. First launched in the early 1990s, this spreadsheet application remains a vital business tool for organizing and reviewing data. If you are only using it to create basic financial spreadsheets, you may want to invest some time into learning more about its other powerful functions. Excel can be used for everything from scheduling and tracking sales to creating invoices, receipts, labels, and time sheets.