A freelancer

Blogging for profit.


The big question goes thus; Is your blog making money? yes, no or maybe not much, how then can I start blogging for profit if no, for more profit if yes or maybe not much.

Today we would be diving in on blogging for profit and how to actually earn with your blog, with all that being said let’s dive in.

Blogs can be a great source of income, but they will fall flat if you don’t perfect your content, optimize your site, and market your product. 

Below is a list of reasons why your blog isn’t earning.

Low or no engagement.

Site hits won’t convert into repeat visitors or customers if the content doesn’t draw them in. Tell stories, share experiences, and give original advice. Craft posts that offer something new — don’t rehash an article from someone else’s blog. And never stop learning: keep your content fresh by increasing your expertise.

Way too broad audience.

The best blogs cater to a narrow niche group. If you are aiming wide, you’ll have a harder time convincing visitors to come back for something only you can offer. To hone in, try creating a detailed profile of your ideal customer (his or her worries, age, hometown, family details, favorite social sites) and tailor your content to fit.

Self-centered content.

 if all you do is talk about yourself — your business, your news, your products — no one will care enough to sign up for more. Take the spotlight off yourself and point it at what actually matters to your readers.

Low Traffic.

Your blog has ads and affiliate links in place, a product ready to sell, and killer content — but your work means nothing if nobody sees any of it. Study up on ways to build traffic, from SEO to social media, and evaluate where you may have gone wrong.

Lack of endurance.

Transforming your blog from hobby to cash could take a couple of years or more of hustle and hard work. Give yourself time to learn your audience, tune your voice, and perfect the product. Don’t be afraid to try something new — or to start over.  

You don’t post reviews.

Some people are trendsetters. But most of us are trend-followers, and we don’t want to be the first ones to take the plunge. Assure your readers that “everyone is doing it” with product reviews and spotlights on who’s using your product and how.

what are you selling?.

Unless you’re getting a huge stream of traffic or attracting high-paying advertisers, you’re not going to earn enough from ad revenue alone. Rather, your blog is a springboard for other products and services, like tutorials, speaking gigs, consultations, ebooks, courses, and more. Monetize in a way that makes sense for your audience and content. 

For example if you blog about being a music teacher, sell curriculums or lessons.