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Business growth hacks.


Launching a startup is a great success, and a very big move as most people only have the idea but never get started, you launching alone i congratulate you on this but the hardest part of it all is growing the venture and getting more customers. You need a strategy to grow your sales if you are to stay afloat and grow. Well, you need to find ways to reach out to your customers and convince them to buy your products or services. You also have to maintain your customer loyalty so that they can keep buying your products or services. This is where smart marketing and other growth factors comes in handy.

Business growth tips.

Give attention to the niche market

Once you launch your product or service, you need to observe the customers who react most to your products or service, as that is now your target audience. After identifying the target audience, ensure that your focus is directed to them. Tailor your marketing language and marketing content on the fact that your products or services meets the needs of your target audience. It is also good to ensure that you tune your language as per what you think your target audience is looking for.

Networking and Referrals(Mouth – Mouth)

There aren’t many hacks that will boost your startup’s sales, like making use of existing connections. For example, encourage your customers to make referrals to a potential customer about your goods and services. One way you can achieve this is by rewarding customers who make referrals. Come up with a system that rewards a customer every time they make referrals to a potential customer. This will encourage them to make more referrals as the more referrals they make, the more reward they are rewarded.

Use unique creatives for your marketing

Having a good and appealing creative will go along way in creating good impression in your customers towards your business and also create a good view about your brand.


FOMO, otherwise known as the fear of missing out, is an excellent hack for marketing products and services. It creates urgency in customers to buy a product before the opportunity to slip through their fingers.

You can use FOMO by offering discounts to your products or services only for a limited period.

Use Facebook and Google customer-retargeting.

According to Digital Strategy Consulting, the average customer makes nine visits to a website before purchasing, so retargeting is a valuable growth hack to get those purchases you might have otherwise missed out on. Facebook and Google retargeting involves a pixel you add to your site that then enables you to show targeted ads to users who have previously visited your website.

Prioritize content marketing.

According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62 percent less and generates approximately three times more leads than traditional marketing, making it a valuable strategy for small businesses.

Having a blog on your site that offers engaging and useful content presents your business as an expert in your industry and can help you build a trusting relationship with your audience.

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