Business idea:- Building chatbots.


The demand trend for chatbots and business automation in this age of ours is ever increasing. People want to easily automate their businesses, spend less and gain customers attention.

If you are part of a marketing agency, it’s crucial to take advantage of this massive opportunity in the marketing landscape. Selling chatbot services is a fast path to an exploding lead pipeline, buckets of revenue, and an unstoppable advantage over your competitors.

To start a chatbot agency, you need chatbot tools and also note that you can also create custom chatbots with a good knowledge of AI, Natural Language Processing, Node.js, and machine learning.

Below is a list of free tools to get you started:

  • FlowXO.
  • BotKit.
  • Smooch.
  • Beep Boop.
  • Facebook Messenger Platform.
  • Telegram bots.
  • Mobile monkey.

You might also be considering ways to sell your services, run ads on social media and other ad platforms, talk to friends and let your friends also talk to friends (mouth-mouth), give your customers the best and you will definitely get recommendations from them.