Shaking hands with a customer

Customer centric mindset.


Customers are undoubtedly the most important link in the selling chain. Considering the competition in the market, you need to prioritize them to ensure that they choose your offerings over those of the others. Giving them exactly what they want is the key. You will be able to win them over only if you are able to comprehend what they want and align the offerings accordingly.

Unfortunately, though, the customer’s mind is like a black box that needs to be decoded before anything else.

With all these being said how can you now build a customer centric mindset, let’s dive in.

Steps to building a customer centric mindset.

Know their pain points

Knowing the expectations of your target audience alone will not do the trick. You need to understand their pain points as well. The idea is to address these pain points with your products or services, which gives them reasons to become your customers in the first place. Your product and marketing strategies needs to be based on the intention of solving their problems rather than just selling to them.

Be engaging

When it comes to knowing someone’s intentions, nothing works better than simply engaging with them. Communicate with your customers, both current and prospective, directly through telephonic interviews and feedback surveys. Not only will this give you a clear picture of their expectations but will also help you understand or bridge the gaps.

Be persuasive

It is hard to get information from the customers as they will not be keen on sharing facts unless you pursue them relentlessly. While keeping track of their online activities is one way to do it, the more aggressive approach would be to connect with them on a regular basis and see how they react to your actions. This can be done through strategies such as email marketing and social media activities.

Build a buyer persona

The foremost and perhaps the most critical step for tapping into your customers mind is to build a buyer persona. Essentially, this refers to the identification of target customers by knowing their preferences, behavior, and demographics. While direct surveys can give you lots of answers, you cannot ignore their online behavior in terms of product searches, browsing history, demographic data and more.

Let’s know what you think as we really appreciate your opinions which step has helped build your customer centric mindset.