Developing a Mindset for Health, Wealth and Prosperity.


To become rich, healthy, wealthy and prosperous, the mindset must be there this is very important but most times ignored.

Let’s take a look at how we can build a mindset for prosperity.

What is wealth?

Many people define wealth within a spectrum of many different values. Wealth can be defined within the context of monetary accumulation, good health or living a desired lifestyle.

No matter what criteria you attribute to wealth, it all boils down to the image of living a life beyond an average state of existence.

Define Your Desired Wealth.

This is not where you do the typical generalization of a big house, three luxury vehicles and a closet full of designer clothing. You want to move beyond the typical definition applied by those who only dream of wealth but don’t change themselves nor actually work hard for wealth.

Avoiding People Without Ambition.

Does this mean discriminate against people who do not generate high six figures and above in income?

No, this means avoid people who settle in life and have no ambition to improve their current circumstances. People who possess an un-wealthy mindset contaminate you with their deadly affliction of mediocrity.

Create Actions & Behaviors that Reinforce Your Mindset.

Thoughts are nothing but wishes without applying actions that bring them into fruition. For example, you are on the couch thinking about how you want to be successful. But after two hours have passed, you remain in the same position. You are just sitting there and hoping and wishing, rather than getting up and doing.

Don’t Listen To Them.

You’ve changed, you’re now full of pride – these are the kinds of statement people say to you when you become wealthy but it’s best to turn deaf ears at them.

Don’t bend to appease those who lack the discipline and focus you have implemented in your life in order to achieve wealth. Unwealthy people hate ambition.

They envy those who have found their purpose in life; working hard towards producing a life others admire and want to actually live themselves.