Easy ways to improve connection with customers.


Engaging with your custometrs is very vital to your business success as an entreprenuer, as it helps you understand their pain points , concerns and helps you serve them better.

There are lots of ways to connect with customers but very few of them generates maximum results of all ways we would be looking at the most effective of all.

Effective ways of connecting with customers.

Use Social Media.

One of the best ways to connect with customers is through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter,” says Ian Aronovich, cofounder and president, GovernmentAuctions.org, a site that compiles and provides information about government auctions of seized and surplus merchandise from all over the country.


Webinars–seminars delivered over the Internet–are a great way to keep the spice in your customer relationship, to maximise this strategy it’s always best you invite a well known speaker in your industry to present a topic on your customers pain points.

Pickup Calls.

Whether following up on a delivery, apologizing for something that went amiss, or wondering why you haven’t received an order in a while, there’s no better way to build or strengthen a relationship, than picking up the phone and calling the customer.

Reply Mails.

This can be best achieved through goal setting, setting goals to reply customers mails in five or ten minutes and working towards it will make this a reality.


If you actively keep up a quality blog, not only will your customers read your blog, but they will respond to your blog.


It’s easy to give up on newaletter these days considering the disdvantages of email marketing and also because it can be easily ignored but if done well the results are mind blowing timing is a very big factor to consider before sending newsletters to improve the open rate.