Facebook Lead Generation.


Facebook lead generation for those that don’t actually understand what i am talking about, this simply means using Facebook ads to generate business leads which are eventually converted to customers (not all leads end up converting though) through various sales processes like follow-up and so on.

The concept of Facebook lead ads is to make an offer to people on Facebook in exchange for their contact information which can later be used to create audiences.

Before we proceed let’s walk through the process of creating a Facebook Lead generation ad.

How to create a Facebook lead generation ad.

First step is creating a business manager account here.

After creating your account and signing up select your ad objective which is leads generation.

Selecting ad objective
  • Now, let’s proceed. Choose your desired audience, targeting parameters, placements, budget, and scheduling to learn more about this check here.
  • Create a lead form with fields requesting for the data you want to receive.
Facebook Lead form creation

The targeting options.

Facebook has more targeting options than other advertisers use it to your advantage by understanding your customers from their demography to interests.

Also do take your time to write or come up with a compelling copy.

Caution or Red flags.

Having a whole lot of ideas out the gate is great. but it’s not cool to try testing them all on the same audience at once as situations like this requires patience.


Facebook Lead ads are very cool and useful especially when building mailing lists or trying to woo cold audiences which makes it a great option for people in the rea estate industry as it is mostly used by them.