Forex Affiliate Marketing.


This is still the most paying affiliate marketing niche, no cap you can get as high as $2,000 depending on the agreement with the broker and also the player value (worth of your audience) and geo of your audience.

In the context of the forex market, forex affiliate marketing occurs when you direct traffic and traders to an external broker’s trading site and trading platform. Whenever a prospective customer that clicks through your link signs up and funds their account, then you earn a commission. The forex affiliate payment structures vary from broker to broker, the majority being paid based on the height of the deposit or the trading volume that a trader generates.

Commission plans around forex affiliate marketing.


CPA (or Cost per Acquisition) rewards you with a one-time commission. It is the fee you receive when the trader you referred opens a trading account with the online broker, deposits funds into his trading account, and starts trading. You gain a one-time payment for referring the new trader – a commission that may vary depending on your client’s country location. To ensure that the lead is, in fact, a qualifying lead, there are strict criteria in place: The trader must provide a minimum deposit and must complete his first.


RevShare (or Revenue Share) gives you a commission that’s a percentage of your broker’s revenues. You receive a percentage from “netspreads” (spreads minus bonuses). Also known as “spreadshare,” RevShare commission plans can vary, and give you a share in all the profits, losses, and sales of your qualified referrals as long as they are active.


You may want a combination of the two commission plans explained above – that is, part CPA and part RevShare – and thus take advantage of the best these two plans can offer. With a hybrid payment plan, you will receive both a CPA and RevShare commission for the month’s payout. Depending on your business model and short- and long-term goals, Hybrid may just be the perfect commission plan for you!


The Introducing Business, or in this case, Introducing Broker Module constitutes the most effective marketing tool currently available to achieve business and audience growth, in a parallel ad indirect manner, allowing the concentration on operational aspects. IB Modules allow for the real time calculation of rebates and this can be done in a variety of frequency, daily, weekly or monthly and in a variety of methods, per percentage on lots, on mark-ups or on commissions.

The IB Module is compatible with and can be integrated into the brokerages’ Trader Room and such an integration results in the boosting of the potential revenue for forex affiliates through an effective and efficient affiliate program software solution. To further promote operational optimisation an IB Module can also be included and integrated in forex white label trading platform solution packages.

Terminologies in Forex affiliate marketing.

FTD (First Time Depositor).

An FTD is a person that funds their trading account for the first time depending on the minimum amount set by the broker.

QFTD (Qualified First Time Depositor).

A QFTD is a person that funds their trading account for the first time depending on the minimum amount set by the broker or even above that and also is ready to trade the lot size that would bring you commisions.


This simply means the location of your audience.

What to Consider when choosing a Forex Affiliate Program.

If you are examining the possibility of becoming a forex affiliate and joining such a program the two main factors to consider in order to be able to choose the best possible option are the rewards to be had and the scheme that governs them, as well as the quality of the actual offering of the broker that you will be promoting, as this will make it easier for you to convince your referrals to become actual paying customers.

Besides ensuring that you will be getting competitive commission rates, it is equally important to ensure that you will partner with a broker who offers you high quality assistance and support, not only in the form of high-quality marketing materials that are appealing and frequently updated, but also fast and easy access to support 24/7 to better enable you to effectively and efficiently achieve referrals. The actual quality of the broker’s offering, the quality of its trading platform and all the tools and options put at the disposal of traders is also crucial and will help you attract more prospective customers willing to convert.

The best forex affiliate programs around are those that not only provide a good way to supplement your income and create value for your existing users and followers, but that comprise of a complete sales and marketing strategy, coupled with comprehensive support to make the process easier, as well as the technological tools that allow you to effectively keep track of your ROI.

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