Freelancing the new definition of work.


Due to the numerous changes in today’s world, millennials are beginning to embrace freelancing. It is not just about thinking within the 9-5 work hours, they are gradually changing the definition of work. This signals a new relationship between the employee, employer, the general public they serve and the economy; it is not just where they are working. It is what they are working for.

Millennials are taking advantage of working remotely. Working remotely affords millennials the flexibility they need in their daily routines. Working remotely also helps improve the productivity of millennials, unlike conventional workers. This way, they are free from distractions that cannot be taken care of. It is amazing that working remotely can have millennials working straight for 8 hours without thinking of food or break.

Below are things to consider before going into the Gig economy (freelancing):

Create an online portfolio. Build a profile that promotes what you have to offer. Eventually, you’ll want to invest in business-building tools, such as a website that can offer you more customization and flexibility, but LinkedIn is free and it’s a great online resume that can help you promote your service. You might also consider Portfoliobox, SquareSpace, and Journo Porfolio

Decide your rates. Setting the right price is a balance of getting what you’re worth while being attractive to clients. Price too low, you may suggest your work doesn’t have value and you might not earn enough. Price too high, and you may not have people willing to pay you. While you may have an hourly charge, many freelance projects may be one-offs (a single time limited project) in which the client will want an estimate of the total job. Other freelancers have ongoing clients that pay a regular rate or retainer.

Determine your target marketWho needs what you have to offer? This is the time to decide your brand and your unique selling proposition. This is also the time to decide if you’ll focus on a specific industry. For example, will you offer virtual support services to Realtors, or will you offer your services across industries.

Market your services. There are many low cost and free ways to market your freelance business and attract clients. Some options include networking on social media, social media ads, offering a free consultation, asking for referrals, and email marketing.