Highly lucrative vocational skills in Nigeria.


The demand for vocational skills has been on the rise lately due to the high rate of unemployment, and the adaptation of a new reality that having a degree alone is not enough. The overall education supports just getting the degree has been shifted recently to that part of the training that hinges on citizen’s ability to get trained on what he or she can do with his hands which are known as the acquisition of skills in a very conducive environment as this is the most lucrative way in which an individual can contribute to his or her society.

Highly lucrative vocational skills in Nigeria.

Computer skills like computer programming, spreadsheets, laptop repairs, phone repairs, flashing and unlocking and so on have greatly increased in demand as more people are coming online. making the demand for people in this niche on the rise and you know what the market is very lucrative as there are more customers than problem solvers.

  • Food Services 

A skill in Food Services can easily fetch anyone that has to undergo training in Food services when they are unfit maybe due to finance or otherwise to set up their own food vendor unit. Acquiring skill in Food Services is a very lucrative skill in Nigeria because people must eventually eat no matter their position in the government or in the business and also no matter who they are if they cannot possibly prepare that kind of meal in their house due to time and other reasons. There are different bakers, caterers, and others who specialize in baking, cooking many varieties of meals, and others through the internet can comfortably earn cool or good money.

  • Digital Marketing Skills 

Digital marketing skills are one of the lucrative vocational skills that are available in Nigeria because of the social media networks like Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and others have been confirmed to be the most powerful marketing tool in promoting one’s product even to the global market. Someone can acquire skills on how to promote a company’s products and services on a social network especially through social media ads. And a good fortune can be earned from it.

  • Manufacturing Skills

Products like Balm, Gum, stain removers, liquid soaps, detergents, ointment, bar soaps, and disinfectants are normally hired by the manufacturing agents.

  • Fashion Skills

Everyone wants to look good this desire alone and other factors combined together increases the demand for Tailors and fashion designers, new trendy styles, rise in tech, availaibiliry of new machines has made designing easy and also improved innovation.

  • Auto Servicing or Mechanic

Auto servicing or mechanics as popularly called provides important services that cannot be looked down upon. Mechanic workshops can be easily be traced due to its location in every side of Nigeria which makes it easy for them to give the vehicle owners fast assistance and also comfort to those that their vehicles might have broken down at an unusual place and at a bad time.

  • Electrical Repairs or Wiring

Very few Nigerians can afford to replace their electrical appliances with new ones whenever there is a fault due to this being able to work on electrical appliances would be great way to make a fortune or electrical wiring of homes this niche is rarely talked about but with good branding and marketing fortunes could be made from here.

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