How to come up with a business name.


Coming up with a good business name could seem very easy and difficult at times when we consider the factors and also coming up with a well descriptive name and also a name that gives insight to the business nature.

You want your business name to be memorable, but approachable; unique, but easy to pronounce; indicative of your product or service, but not too on the nose.

Easier said than done. But as it turns out, coming up with a business name involves equal parts logic and creativity: There are some essential small business marketing tenets that your business name should align with, but you still have a lot of wiggle room to invent and explore. 

Tips on coming up with a good business name

It must be descriptive.

While your business name doesn’t have to be a word for word description of the nature of your business, it should ideally imply what it is that you do or sell. At the same time, when considering how to name a business, your name should reflect your business’s core values and evoke how you want your customer to feel. 


Before coming up with a business name, do a quick Google search to make sure it’s not in use by a competitor. Not only would sharing a name with a competitor be bad for your bottom line, but it might actually run you into legal issues.

Take inspiration from foreign, Latin, or unusual words.

Was your favorite name taken? Or perhaps it just didn’t sound as professional as you’d hoped? Another creative approach you can try is translating some of the names or words you liked into your non-native language. Or take it way back and search for Latin or Greek words, phrases, or roots that you can apply to your business. 

Get inspired by your favorite books, music, movies, or other art forms.

Scan your bookshelves, Spotify account, and Netflix queue to mine interesting, relevant words, names, or phrases that could relate to your business. 


Ask your family and friends to help you brainstorm.

Often, the best way to get yourself out of a creative rut is to tap into other people’s creativity. So if you’re stuck, gather together a coterie of trusted (and ideally inventive) friends, family, and colleagues to help you brainstorm.