How To Create A Facebook Page Perfect For Your Business


Facebook currently has over 2.9 billion users every month, according to Statista. It is the most popular social media worldwide. This article will teach you how to create a Facebook page for your business.

As a small business or an entrepreneur looking to start a business, you will make a huge mistake if you don’t use Facebook to promote your business to people who fall under your target audience. To promote a business effectively, you need to know how to create a Facebook page for your business.

A Facebook page is a public profile explicitly created to manage businesses, celebrities, brands, organisations and causes. The Facebook page is different from a Facebook profile in that it does not gain “friends”; instead, it gains “likes” and “fans.

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business With Your Laptop

  • You must have had a Facebook profile before you can get a page. I am assuming you already have one, so let’s move on with how you can create a Facebook page for your business.
  • Visit
  • Click on the “Create” button at the top right (it should look like a “+” sign)
  • Select “Page” from the drop-down and move to the next stage
  • Next, fill in your page, enter at least one category your business belongs to, and write your description. Please note that you can choose as many as three categories for your business.
Fill in the required details and click on “create page.”
  • After filling in the required information, click the “create page” button.

After that, you will be redirected to a page where you can add a profile image and a cover photo. If you don’t have a profile picture or cover photo, you can use to create them and upload them to Facebook.

Facebook Page Cover Photos Best Practices.

A cover photo is the background image that appears on your Facebook Business Page. This is similar to your personal Facebook account cover photo. Your cover photo should be visually appealing and representative of your business. And it should be at least 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.

Use a Simple Image With a Clear Focal Point.

Your Facebook business page profile picture should command attention and elicit curiosity from visitors to your page. To achieve this, use a memorable image with aligned colours.

Synchronise Your Facebook Cover Photo With Your profile Picture.

To make your Facebook business page look professional, your cover photo should match in some subtle way with your page’s profile picture. This helps reinforce your brand message to prospective customers when they visit your page.

Optimise Your Cover Photo For Mobile Viewing.

More than 1 billion smartphone users are presently on the Facebook social network. Hence you need to consider how your cover photo will look on those smartphone screens when selecting one.

If your cover photo contains text or finer details, ensure that these details are readable and well optimised to provide the best user experience while being viewed on mobile devices.

Update Your Cover Photo Frequently.

Your Facebook cover photo provides the ideal focal point to unveil what is new in your company and other important announcements. And as a result, it is never ideal that this “headline board” be left to “rot with stale content”. Constantly update your business page cover photo space with fresh content highlighting your company’s activities and progress.

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  • After adding your profile picture and cover photo, click on “save”, and you will be notified that your page has been created.
  • Following that, you will be redirected to a new screen where you will be asked to connect your WhatsApp to your Facebook page. Kindly note that connecting your WhatsApp to your Facebook page is optional, so if you don’t want to go ahead with that, you can close it and move to the next step. However, adding an official WhatsApp number to your Facebook page can be beneficial as it will help customers and followers reach you more easily.

After completing this step, your Facebook page should be ready for use.

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business With Your Phone

Not every business owner owns a laptop. We get that. We can’t all be nerds, after all. But we all use our phones, don’t we? Especially since your goal is to grow your business utilising your Facebook business page platform. The method isn’t entirely different from the one used on the laptop.

  1. Open your newsfeed
  2. Tap the “menu” icon and select “pages.”
  3. Press “create”
  4. Tap “Get started.”
  5. Then add “name” and add up to three categories that describe your page
  6. Next, add an address to your page, or you can press “skip.”
  7. It is time for your profile and cover photo. Make sure to select the ones that speak well about your business.
  8. Finally, you tap “Done”.

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How To Optimise Your Facebook Business Page.

It is one thing to create a Facebook page for your business and another to gain traffic and obtain high lead conversion rates. So, how do you optimise your Facebook business page?

Select The Call To Action (CTA) Button

A call-to-action button (or CTA button) directs or encourages your Facebook page visitors to do something specific or take a particular action on your business page. This could be to visit your website, make a phone call to your store or company’s phone number or reach you through Whatsapp.

Your page’s call-to-action is located below your cover photo. To add a CTA button on your Page, click Add a Button just below your Page’s cover photo and choose your preferred CTA from the numerous options available:

  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send Email, etc.

For each CTA, you’ll need to add the most appropriate information to aid your page visitor in taking the intended action or a landing page where the user will perform the suggested action.

Add Page Tabs To Promote Your Products or Services

This is the section of your Facebook page that appears just below the page’s name. In addition to the regular tabs like Home, Groups, Events, Reviews, etc. You can add more tabs that better highlight what your business is all about. For example, you can opt to add the following buttons:


  • Highlight important posts you want people to read.
  • Help people learn about a specific topic or subject.
  • Organise information in a place that’s easy to find.


  • You can highlight by publishing the offers from your company or business here.


  • List and display the products you want to feature on your business page here.

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Enable Reviews.

Customer reviews (especially positive ones) offer an inexpensive organic way of advertising your products and services. Also, positive reviews expand your brand appeal. Therefore, utilise this great feature on your Facebook business page by setting it up and encouraging your customers to drop a few words of commendation for your business.

How To Enable Review on Facebook Page

  • Go to the Tab section of your page just below where your page’s name is.
  • Click on More, and a drop-down list will appear.
  • Click on Edit Tabs and toggle on the button next to Review.

Voila! You can now have a business page on Facebook to showcase your business. Have you got one already? How is your business page doing? Are you generating revenue from your page? We will like to hear from you in the comments.

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