How to create a good impression in the mind of new clients.


No matter how established your business might be getting new clients will always be an important practice. Of course, business is conducted in a rational world, so you would hope that a new client will judge you on the quality of your work. While, of course, the work that you do will be very important, the first impression you make is still critical for forming a long-term, positive working relationship.

Why First Impressions?

Before focusing on the best ways to make a positive first impression, it is useful to explain why a first impression matters. Research from the Harvard Business Review has found that a good first impression is critical because it happens quickly. Researchers explain that people make judgments about each other in a nanosecond, and once this impression has been formed, it is extremely difficult to change.

Making a positive first impression will impact how the new client will view you and interpret your actions in the future. This means that if you turn up late or make a mistake in a future meeting, the client is more likely to benefit from the doubt due to the positive first impression.

Steps to Making the Best First Impression with New Clients.


Arriving at the meeting on time, if not a few minutes early, is essential when it comes to making a great first impression on a new client. No matter how good your excuse might be, nothing can rectify the damage being late causes to a first impression. When you are late, this is likely to lead to frustrations, which will impact a client’s perceptions of you.

Look Presentable.

Of course, you will hope that your appearance won’t make too much of an impact when you are meeting a new client for the very first time, but it can have an effect. You should make sure that you dress appropriately for the context of the meeting. In addition, you should take into account the business environment and working culture to ensure you can be respectful and make the right first impression of yourself with appearance.


It can be tempting, especially if you are thinking too much about making a good first impression, to feel stifled and panicked when it comes to meeting a new client. When you are overly concerned about making a positive first impression, you will feel less able to be yourself. Being confident in yourself is actually one of the most important steps. you can take when making a first impression.


If you have clients coming into your place of work, then you must realize that the impression you make will begin before your first face-to-face encounter. The way that your workplace looks will be seen as a direct representation of the standards you hold yourself to.

You will need to make sure that your place of work is kept clean and tidy to avoid a negative impression being made.