How to earn from setting up your VTU business

How to earn from setting up your VTU business


Firstly let’s get straight to the fact do you know?

  • According to NCC , we have over 130 million active GSM LINES in Nigeria as at June 2014.
  • Telecoms Average Revenue Per User in Nigeria is N1,534.73 per month.
  • Monthly airtime usage per month is N767.23 Billion according to punch.
  • Telecoms NOW is focusing on Virtual Top Up than logical sales (Paper recharge).
  • Quickteller is the biggest airtime dealer in Virtual Top Up, doing N3billion every month.
  • Super Dealers of GMS Networks retain 1% commission on recharge cards sold and Quickteller retains 5%.
  • You can own your own Business Selling Airtime Recharge like Quickteller and earn up 5%.

What is it all about

VTU simply means Vitrual Top Up where you can buy recharge cards and data plans for networks in Nigeria including MTNAirtelGlo and 9mobile. Payment of all kinds of subscriptions services also fall under VTU like NEPA or PHCN along with DSTV, GoTV and Startimes subscription packages.

Everyone you know in Nigeria either buys recharge card, data plan or pay for subscription services like DSTV, GoTV, Startimes. It’s easy to get started all you need is as little as N5000 to get started

Ideas on getting started.

To start, you need to register with a VTU vendor.

VTU vendors are the ones who do the stocking piling of recharge cards, cable subscriptions and the rest while you refer or place orders for customers using their services and you get paid a commission for that basic work.

Just like transferring airtime or data to someone, it is that simple.

One of the most prominent VTU vendors in Nigeria is RAGP Recharge And Get Paid.

RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid is a VTU vendor in Nigeria registered by CAC to carry out top up services including recharge cards, data plans, cable subscriptions and even electricity bill payment.

Source: YouTube

When you sign up for RAGP – Recharge and Get Paid, you will be asked to pay a registration or setup fee called packages which are 7 in number – Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Executive Platinum packages.

Each package also comes with instant cash back of 20% to your ewallet as your first commission.

Registration and setup packages include

PackageFeeCommission Cashback
Executive PlatinumN100,000N20,000

You can also upgrade your RAGP – RechargeAndGetPaid registration package once your VTU business booms.

Note: When you purchase any of these packages, RAGP pays you 20% of the package amount which will be your first usable account balance while the remaining 80% left will be used as your setup fee.

Packages PV – Point Value

  • Basic package gets you a point value of 20PV
  • Bronze package gets you a point value of 40PV
  • Silver package gets you a point value of 80PV
  • Gold package gets you a point value of 160PV
  • Platinum package gets you a point value of 200PV
  • Executive Platinum package gets you a point value of 400PV

Note: When you or any of your downlines (other people, VTU agents you introduce to RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid) makes a purchase or introduces some one on any of the packages above, you get the package PV added to yours which quickly adds up to thousands of PV once you become active in selling and recruiting.


As these PV accumulates either from your purchases and recruiting or your downlines doing either, you qualify for some cash awards as stated below.

  • 10,000 PV gets rewarded with N100,000 cash
  • 25,000PV gets rewarded with N500,000 cash
  • 60,000 PV gets rewarded with N2,000,000 cash
  • 100,000 PV gets rewarded with N3,000,000 cash
  • 250,000 PV gets rewarded with N4,000,000 cash
  • 500,000 PV gets rewarded with N6,000,000 cash

Imagine you the VTU agent purchase recharge cards, data plans, cable subscription or electricity bill for 100 people 5 times in a whole month and you are on the Basic package, you will receive a PV of 10,000 and will be rewarded with N100,000 cash irrespective of that was bought and at what price range.

Once you have registered, this is what your dashboard will look like.

source: sonanaija

What are RAGP commissions?

RechargeAndGetPaid commission structure defers for different services.

You as the VTU agent, get paid the below percentages or Naira among for each service you purchase either for yourself or anyone else.

  • 2% of the recharge card or airtime value
  • 10% of any data amount.
  • N40 commission on cable subscriptions

Let’s get really conservative here with our example.

Imagine you decide to count only close friends and immediate family while you start out.

So 10 friends buy recharge card worth N500 from you weekly.
10 friends x N500 x 4 weeks x 2% commission = N400 VTU profit

Those 10 friends tell other 2 friends to do same.
10 friends x 2 more friends x N200 x 4 weeks x 2% commission = N800 VTU profit

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