How to Entice Your Audience into Email Subscription List


Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Many people use email and not only social media, and the fact that a message lands directly in the inbox, with no extra clicking necessary, means your content is more likely to get read. So, an email subscription list is important for your small business.

There are different tactics to boost sales, such as an email list that can be used to promote new products, announce a sale or discount, highlight a timely item or ask for your followers’ input.

Email marketing lists are also a great way to maintain a relationship with potential customers. If a reader comes to your website and doesn’t want to commit to a purchase, getting his email address is the next best thing.

Research shows that it often takes about seven views until someone takes action, so continuous communication with a potential customer might ultimately lead to a purchase.

In this tutorial, we will use some easy, effective and proven methods to build your own email subscription list.

Explain What They Will Get If They Subscribe

Before you can take advantage of your email list, you have to build it. Many people put a “subscribe” button on their website’s homepage and leave it at that. But if you want to entice readers into giving you their email addresses, you have to convince them they will be getting value and not just more spam.

Why should anyone subscribe to this email list? If you’re wondering how to answer this question, start by asking yourself how much value your audience gets from what you have already published. Next, figure out how much better it would be if you could send them customized content for them and their needs. By answering these questions, you’ll be able to explain why it’s worthwhile for them to subscribe to your email list.

Create a page on your website dedicated to the newsletter. The page should be aesthetically designed and include things like examples of the latest newsletters and incentives for signing up. Sign-up must be simple.

Simplify the Subscribing Process

The email subscription form should be easy to find and simple to complete. 

When a potential subscriber signs up for your email list, a lot of extra steps are often needed. Don’t make people fill out endless forms and answer lots of questions. Instead, keep it simple.

If the reader is asked to answer questions before registering, he is likely to press the back button pretty quickly.

Asking for an email address only is the easiest form of sign-up, but if you really need more information, a few fields will not chase away most people.

Design of Your Subscription Box

A short sentence or two should describe the advantages of signing up for the email. As this is your main selling tool, consider the wording carefully. Readers like to be assured that their email will not be used for spam and that the content they receive will be exclusive.

If they think they can get the same information from the website, they may refrain from registering. It’s also a good idea to emphasize that the newsletter is free, since everyone likes a bargain.

A small subscribe box should appear on every webpage, with the option to quickly and easily sign up. A link to more information will take the hesitators to the dedicated page.

Promote Your Subscription on Social Media

This is a very powerful way to get many people to sign up for your email list. So, you should promote your subscription on social media.

Emerge high engagement by using the advantage of social media to promote your newsletter. Share links to the newsletter on the various platforms, with a link to the subscription page. Facebook even allows you to create a tab where fans can sign up directly without leaving the page.

Email Subscription List

Use Offline Interaction to Entice Subscribing

Offline interactions can be a source for list building as well. In emails and phone calls with customers and potential customers, ask them if they would like to receive your newsletter. Include the subscription link on company stationery, business cards, and emails.

Send Fantastic Content to Your Email Subscribers

Once you have set up the means to build a large email list, start planning fantastic content that will keep your newsletter readers engaged for the long term.

Your email list has the power to turn prospects into customers, but you need to provide content that makes subscribers feel valued and respected as people. To do this, first, take some time to evaluate your subscriber list and look at the types of emails you send to them. 

So how exactly do you go about creating a fantastic email? It begins with a good headline. Incorporating a strong headline into your email copy can mean the difference between sending a lot of traffic and lot of unsubscribes. Your headline should grab your reader’s attention by being succinct, attention-grabbing, and relevant. You also need a good headline to entice people to open your email. So think of a great headline, and use it.

To create a killer email, you also need a compelling subject line. A subject line that gets your subscribers to click opens the door for you to sell them what you have to say. If you’re selling a product, this is the first impression of your message.

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