How to find customers with the right purchase intent


Purchase intent is a  way of determining how long or how soon it will take for a customer to buy from you.

Customer purchase intent refers to the mindset of your audience as it relates to purchasing. Based on what you know about them, how close are they to buying from you?.

Purchase intent takes many things into account: demographics, content consumption, behavioral information — even channels and devices — to form a better picture of your audience in their path to purchase. This, in turn, allows you to target them with the content to move them to the next logical stage in your funnel, towards buying your product.

4 Types of Customer Purchase Intent

  Credit: Namogoo.

Informational intent

Customers that are under this category are customers that are actually trying to gather more information on how your product would solve a current problem they are facing.

They are really not ready to buy but are actually interested they just need more information.

Investigative intent

Customers with this type of intent are in the research stage. They’re not quite ready to purchase a product but are currently exploring their options through comparison shopping, researching their options and also seeing what other customers that have actually purchased are saying about your product.

Navigational intent

Those who are interested in visiting a specific website or going directly to a brand’s online store will land in this intent category.

Transactional intent

This is the type of intent that most people think of when they consider buyer intention. Transactional intent is those with strong purchase propensity, who have “high buying intent”, and are interested in purchasing a specific product or service.