How to Find Opportunities on LinkedIn As a Creative


How to find opportunities on LinkedIn as a creative writer is a hard task for many which shouldn’t be so and in this article, we try to simplify the whole process. LinkedIn is a popular online-based service that helps to connect job seekers with employers. This online service allows for job connections and career development and offers various opportunities.

Is LinkedIn Good for Creative Individuals?

LinkedIn is a suitable platform that offers various creative professionals numerous tools for their creative work. LinkedIn serves as a good platform where creative works can be shared and equally learned from multiple users worldwide.

How to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has its later, and its steel of operation is quite different compared to other platforms. Learning how to use LinkedIn is almost like learning how to use a social networking site. To understand LinkedIn, you need to create an account and set up your profile on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn is not like another platform where people post all sorts of personal stuff; it is a professional site that connects businesses and helps develop various individual careers.

First of all, you have to create a LinkedIn Profile. For one to get started, they create a LinkedIn login. You can pick either one available subscription, such as premium career, business plus, or recruiter Lite. Using the essential free services is also suitable as many employees and business owners have access to features such as:

× Professional Skill and Experience

× Ability to View Over 1,000 Profiles

× Ability to Save Up to 3 Searches

7 Ways Writers Can Find LinkedIn Freelance Writing Jobs

Below are seven of the best ways creative writers can find freelance writing jobs on LinkedIn.

  • Use Keywords in Your Profile

One of the suitable ways to get freelance jobs on LinkedIn is to include keywords while completing your profile details on the LinkedIn platform. Ensure to complete your profile with more information, including your location.

  • Check For Those Who Have Viewed Your Profile

One way to get jobs on LinkedIn is to check for clients who have viewed your profile constantly. You can get to know what they require; you can even send them messages asking what they need and tell them what you can do.

  • Browse Available Job Postings

Browsing for available jobs is another strategy for getting job opportunities on LinkedIn. You can consider using the advert provided on the platform to search for freelance jobs. Also, you can apply for any available industry and inform them that you are a freelance writer who can work with them.

  • Use InMail for Prospecting

Another important way of increasing your job opportunity on LinkedIn is to send an “InMail.” You must avoid making it too wordy or pitching the individual you are sending the mail to. You could ask them about their business and that you are a freelance writer, who they can consider for their content works.

  • Track Your Editor Connections

You can consider using LinkedIn to reconnect with your former editors. Search for these former editors, reconnect with them and get to ask if they have any freelance jobs available.

  • Pitch in Connection Invites

A good strategy that every fierce writer can consider is pitching their services in the connection invite. This strategy helps you ease off the stress of over-bugging your potential clients with information concerning your service.

  • Create a Bait Piece for Your ” Featured” Section

LinkedIn currently has a new profile section added to the platform known as “Featured.” It’s an excellent privilege to decide what you would like your clients to see and learn about you. You need to post contents that will attract your potential clients to the service that you offer.

Job Hunting Tactics to Utilize on LinkedIn

As a creative individual looking to get jobs on LinkedIn, you can consider these tactics to get jobs on the platform.

  • Add New Skills to Your Profile

One of the ways to get jobs on LinkedIn is to add new creative skills to your profile. Ensure to include unique words that differentiate you from other job seekers using the platform.

  • Follow the Companies That Interest You

To get jobs on LinkedIn, you have to be alert and stay up to date with various news and happenings, participate in diverse conversations with multiple people, and learn about different job opportunities on the platform.

  • Add a Professional Photo

A profile photo allows your potential clients to know the specific individual they are dealing with, and it also gives a friendly image to these potential clients. Ensure you only post photos that look professionally enough.

  • Broaden Your Profesional Horizon

Another suitable way of increasing your chances of getting jobs on LinkedIn is to expand your professional horizons. You can read articles and content on the LinkedIn platform and get the latest information on various happenings in your industry.

  • Set up Job Alert

One way to get jobs on LinkedIn is by setting up alerts; this will enable you to get faster and more accurate information on job opportunities offered on the LinkedIn platform. You do not necessarily need to log in daily to get information once this alert exists.

  • Use the Jobs Tool

One active way of getting jobs is to use the available job tool, such as the job icon. On this icon, you need to input the company name or job title best suited to you. Enter a location and then click on search to reveal a list of jobs relevant to your search.

  • Keep Adding a New Connection

To increase your chances of getting jobs on LinkedIn, you must increase your line of network or connection on the platform. It would be best if you were more visible and accessible and tried to look for newer job opportunities.

  • Join LinkedIn Groups for Your Industry

An excellent strategy to consider to increase your chances of getting jobs on LinkedIn effectively is participating in Linkedin groups. These groups help connect you to diverse job opportunities, and you get to meet with different individuals.

  • Get Endorsed For Your Skills

This is the best way of increasing your job opportunity on LinkedIn. It would effectively help showcase and reveal your potential and capabilities to your potential employees. You can request your colleagues to endorse you, which will help boost your recognition and consideration on the platform.