How to gain confidence and win over new clients.


When you’re running a business, you need potential clients to believe that you’ll be great at what you do and that you’re absolutely the right person for the job at hand. This means that you need to be confident because the client needs to be confident in you, too. That being said, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and you definitely don’t want to be the arrogant.

Be self-assured, but don’t brag.

Confidence is self-assured; arrogance is bragging.

Statements, such as “I can absolutely help with that,” and then mentioning your past experience or why you’d be a good fit will work well here. Keep it simple, and stick to the facts, though; you don’t need to insist that you’re the best there is, especially if you’re relying on empty platitudes that don’t really mean anything.

If you’re not sure how far is too far, a simple “Yes, we’re great at this and can definitely help you” is all you need. 

Mention the features and benefits of your business.

There are likely plenty of reasons potential clients want to hire you. These are often features, or unique aspects of your product or service that can benefit your clients. Explain what they are and how they’re advantageous.

This puts the focus on your brand, the process and your product or service instead of you directly, which is a great way to display confidence without coming off as personally arrogant. 

Let your clients do the talking for you. 

Sharing references, reviews and testimonials is always a great way to win over new clients, and when it comes to being confident without being arrogant during the lead nurturing process, this is a great tactic.

When you have a long list of testimonials, you can let them do the talking for you so there’s zero risk of you coming across as arrogant.