How to increase eCommerce sales in 30 days or less.


A recent study estimated that a total of 4.2 trillion USD was made worldwide in eCommerce sales from 2 billion customers in just 2020 alone. What does this mean?

This simply means the competition can only get more fierce from here as more eCommerce websites get published, more people coming into the space but still finding it hard to standout, convert and even drive web traffic.

In times like this unless you are Amazon finding ways to increase eCommerce sales remains a very high priority. So, here comes the big question how can the sales keep pouring in? Well you get to find out that increasing eCommerce sales is not really as complex as you think it is.

With a few smart combinations and strategies you would get to find out the possibilities. Let’s dive in. Firstly, eCommerce sales is actually a sales system which involves the marketing, buying and selling of goods and services through the internet.


1.) What are your goals? Of course to improve sales or primarily sales but you must have subgoals which would actually lead to the end result.

An example of a subgoal can be to get a potential customer to send you a message about a particular product when they see your ad. But above all, every subgoal should lead to the main goal which is to get sales.

2.) Who are your customers (target audience) – These questions would be incomplete if I ever omitted this because showing your ads to the wrong audience is like throwing cash or precious advertising dollars into the thrash. Having data like interests, demographics and behavior of your target audience is very vital.

3.) What are the strategies your competitor has used and how can you come up with yours? You need to check what your competitors are doing. Is it different from your strategy? Where are they outperforming you? What are their mistakes? Answers to these questions will help you.


1.) Paid Advertising – Even if you are a well known brand, paid advertising still remains one of the fastest ways to get your products in the face of people searching for them

2.) Video creatives – A study showed that 74% of people that saw a product video felt like purchasing the product. Always ensure your video creatives are thrilling and engaging.

Thrilling and engaging that they arouse that wow effect. Do you remember that product video you watched that wowed you?, yes, that’s it those emotions are what triggers the purchase.

3.) Free And Fast Shipping – This is very important we all love “free” but just at different levels. Rather than saying your product is $40, $12 delivery fees say it’s $52 with free shipping and delivery in 24 hours max you can build a unique selling point around your delivery times. Always ensure your delivery is on time this will greatly reduced order cancellations.

4.) Website optimization for mobile users – More than half of the internet users browse the internet with their devices. For you this means most of your customers would be visiting your website with their mobile devices. If your website is not well optimized you miss out.

5.) Upsells & Crossells – Probably one of the best ways to increase eCommerce sales is by generating more revenue from your customers. When the customer decides to purchase some stuff from your site, it is a win for you and you can extend that win by promoting similar products