How to make a living blogging in 2020

How to make a living blogging in 2020


Blogging is not new to us all as we all must have heard of various blogs, but the big question comes how can one make money off it.

Before proceeding i want you to understand that getting your blog online and well optimized is the first step to making money as a blogger with all that being said lets proceed.

Factors to consider before setting up a blog to make money from:

Find a clear niche: Have you figured out a clear niche to blog on?. Recent statistics have shown that having a niche is a must. not only will this increase your traffic but will also make your blog a go to place on topics related to your niche.

Technical Usability: The speed of your website is a very important factor to consider, as a slight delay in loading times can make you loose traffic.

And lastly build your traffic after setting up your blog as this makes every other thing very easy.

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Human Centered Usability: To deliver a good user experience you must understand your target audience, how they operate and other centered interests.

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Proven ways to make money blogging:

There several ways one can make a living blogging (it keeps increasing), but in this post i will be focusing on the major and easily applicable ways to make money blogging.

Joining Affiliate Programs: Companies that have affiliate programs already built in, are ready and willing to pay you money in exchange for directing them your blog readers—which means you don’t need to pitch sponsors or invest time into creating your own product before starting to make money blogging. But, in order to generate a meaningful income from affiliate marketing, it usually takes a good amount of traffic to your blog first.

Selling your products and services: Selling your time, skills and expertise as a service aligns pretty closely with selling online courses. However when it comes to selling your services, there’s one major difference from selling courses—you’re working either one-on-one or in a small group with a client to give individualized help or deliverable.

Examples of services you can sell on your blog includes:

  • Writing copy or blog content for brands.
  • Editing podcasts and using your audio engineering skills.
  • Doing search engine optimization projects for online brands.
  • Making websites or software tools for established companies.

Monetizing your content through ad-networks: If you feel you have great content and want to get paid for your content monetization through ad-networks is a great option and one of the most popular ways to monetize and also get paid for your content.

Below is a list of Ad networks:





Pop Ads

Writing and selling Ebooks: Whether you’re not selling eBooks because you’re confused by the process, or because you think you’re not a writer, you’re missing out on some great benefits. If you learn how to sell eBooks on your blog, you accomplish two things. One, you give your customers something they want. Two, you create an excellent source of revenue for yourself.

Let’s look at your customers for a minute. If you’re not selling anything yet on our blog, you don’t have true customers yet. They’re members of your readers only club.

And while it’s true most people hop online initially because they want information, most lookers also shop if offered a useful product.

Selling eBooks First Steps:

If you write your own eBook, it’s best if you follow a process. The following list gives a high-level look at the process most successful eBook sellers use:

  • Choose a topic
  • Think of an eye-catching title
  • Write the book
  • Format your book
  • Choose images
  • Proofread the book
  • Design the cover
  • Convert the book
  • Add the book to your website
  • Promote your book
  • Track your sales

Sponsored Blog Content: What is sponsored content? It’s when a company or an individual pays you a fee in return for you writing an article that’s either about them or on a topic related to them, where their product, service or brand is prominently featured as the main resource for those of your readers that want to learn more. Build your traffic as this will help improve your chances of getting sponsored posts.

Hope we all enjoyed today’s content and i can’t wait to see us all implement all that is being taught as that’s the only way to get results.

If you have questions, leave a comment or signup and leave your questions there as i will be glad to answer them all.