How to make money from home, making and selling soap.


Soap making well might not be really cool but you can earn extra bucks from it especially in times like this were people are really in need of hand-wash most precisely antibacterial hand-washes, as stated before might not be really cool but atleast it can be another source of income for you. It’s easy to get started even with as low as N5000.

Soap Making can be simply explained as the combination of various ingredients to produce a material (either liquid or solid) for cleaning purposes see more below.

What is soap making, ingredients, methods and how it is done
source: YouTube

Selling and packaging your product

This is the most fun part of the business, because once your product is ready you will want it delivered to your customers or consumers so it’s best to ensure minimal packaging and that enhances your product rather than conceal it. Some home soap businesses simply display their soap with a decorative paper band around each bottle. In this way, the color and texture of the soap can still be seen by the customer, and you cut down on excessive packaging. In fact, your soap might be so attractive that you will want to display it as stacked in an attractive display.

Coming to the selling part, based on various experiences from interviewed sellers one of the best ways to break into the market is by networking with local grocery stores, resturants, bars, Hotels, and schools. One thing is that if your products would be sold to local to stores one of the best ways to push your products is by selling on consignment (selling on consignment means you only receive payment for the goods that sell and the ones that don’t are returned back to you).

Also if you have a huge budget you can hire a graphics designer and a web developer to set up an ad flyer and a website respectively.

But if not mouth-mouth goes a long way, you can even use your WhatsApp status, post on your Instagram account, forums and also ask for referrals, beg friends to help you repost on their statuses all these will definitely go a long way in getting you your first customer. You can advertise with WhatsApp Tv’s with as low as N1,500 per day, Facebook and Instagram for as low as N360 per day we have a post on setting this up here another thing is that it might be kind of confusing for newbies if you feel you can take your time to learn about it and set things up cool but if you can’t take the time contact admin as he can help on this (It’s not free anyways).

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