How to make money from your kitchen


Do you have a passion for food? Do you love cooking?, for those that don’t have passion for cooking or do not even know how to cook, you can leverage the woman cooking good meals in your area or close to you. Another way this can work is by you creating cooking courses with your phone camera you can get started.

Getting Started

All you need is your recipe, you can start with whatever you have at home but just make sure it’s good select a few recipes or best selling recipes like Rice & Fried Stew, Local foods like Amala, Egusi and so on.

Firstly it’s advised you get customers before going into this but we would be coming to that later.

How do you get customers? get good pictures of your selected recipes and advertise them through Facebook, WhatsApp, Mouth – Mouth, and so on. Concerning the ads with as low as N500/day you can setup and ad on Facebook with large reach on WhatsApp Tv’s you can setup an ad with N1500/day.

Branding yourself: If you can’t afford to setup a website for yourself you can start by creating a whatsapp business account and direct all traffic from your ads to the whatsapp account. Make sure thee profile pic is decorative and explanatory also your auto-responders must be in lign with what you do. talk smart, be ontime as this will create good impression and improve your credibility.

What happens when i start getting customers: Prepare the meals and have it delivered with good logistics, you can try Gofood, Smoothie express VI and Max. make sure it tastes good like stated before.

What about me that doesn’t know how to cook?: Well you can leverage the woman in you area that cooks good food just package it properly as this will create good impression and follow the stated ideas.

What about me that wants a cooking course?: Well you can start with udemy by creating a course or Youtube which can eventually become a food channel all depending on you.

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All the best from us @Youngprenuers