How to make money selling digital downloads on Etsy

How to make money selling digital downloads on Etsy.


Before proceeding into the main topic i would like us to know what Etsy is all about, Etsy is a buyer and seller community similar to eBay, it can also be described as an American eCommerce website focused on handmade goods and off recent added digital downloads to the list of considered goods to be sold on their platform.

One thing that amazes me the most about Etsy is that you only pay once you make a sale, your products are being advertised for you, a setup fee of $0.2, they get 3.5% on every sale, you’re an independent seller and you handle your shipment once an order is made.

Who Are Etsy Sellers:

An Etsy seller is an individual that lists items on the Etsy store, Etsy is just like a virtual store meaning they have no warehouse, every seller is independent which also means Etsy only a platform that saves you the hassle of setting up an electronic store all your shipments, refund and all forms of customer service are handled by you.

How To Setup An Etsy Store:

Visit, or type Etsy into the search bar of your browser and hit enter or search.

With all that being said let me walk you through the registration process on getting to the Etsy website you will see something like this:


Click sign in and you should see something like this:


Select an option whether to sign in with your Facebook or Google account which everone that pleases you but signing with your Google account is easier.

After selecting an option to Sign in you should have a page like this


It’s time to create a seller account, the other account created was a user account you can add other preferences like your bio details and others later or immediately before you go on to create a seller account it all depends on you and how you want it, with that being said let’s proceed.

On the top of the page just generated click on sell on Etsy and this page should appear on your screen.


Click on open your Etsy Shop and you should see a page like this


Select an option that best describes you it’s not a must you select same option with me, set your shop language, country and currency as for me my options are shown in the image, once you are done click save and continue then you should see a page like this one below


You can name your store whatever you like but make sure you check the availability and proceed.

Once this is done you should see a page like this below fill in all required fields


Scroll to the listing details and and select the item type to be digital meaning your customers can download your digital products once payment is made.


After this is done scroll down to set your price, product quantity and upload your products.


After this is done click save and continue.

For more help on setting up payment option sign up on the forum as we would be elaborating more on this, like i said yesterday we would be teaching forum members how to create an 100% working PayPal account.

If you have questions or contributions leave a comment or sign up on the forum and leave your questions there we would attend to them all.

We would be very glad to see everyone implement what is being though because the only way to learn is by implementing.

Expect more great stuff from us best wishes from us all @ Youngprenuers.