How to make money selling eggs in crates.


Coming to the poultry farming side of agriculture the impact of this niche can not be undermined as eggs are being consumed everyday and not only that, it’s one of the fastest ways to get rich in the poultry business. Many Nigerians who are engaged in this business can testify that this business rakes in a substantial amount of money to their bank account.

Capital side of the business

With as low as N10,000 to N15,000 you can get started or even if you have no money you can create a good brand of yoursef take orders and have them delivered but this will require a lot of trust from your buyers as it’s not really easy.

But with N15,000 you can start with 20 crates at the rate of N750 per crate, and this is a good start cause you will continue to grow with the business and also understand the ropes. If you sell for like N1,000 or N950 per crate you make a gain of lets say N5,000 if you sell for N1000 but at the rate of N950 it’s N4000 per crate.

Rent a vehicle

You can always rent another persons vehicle to help deliver to your customers or you can even start from your street by selling to the local grocery stores in your area but if your customers are faraway you can always rent the vehicle and add the cost to your goods so your customers can be responsible for the delivery most people also profit from this aspect also.

Estimated Profit as a wholesaler and a retailer

In this huge goldmine, you are certainly your own boss and you decide the profit you want to make in a week or in a month. Depending on the size of eggs you choose to buy, you’ll gain roughly N200 on a crate of egg if you choose to be a wholesale seller but if you choose to be a retail dealer, you can be making as much as N500 on a crate of egg. If you choose to sell 200 crates weekly, you’ll be making N20,000 weekly and N80,000 monthly. It all depends on you and the size of your capital.

NOTE:  You can start small and later on move to large-scale egg supply business. also . It is advisable to buy paper crates as it protects the eggs from unusual cracks and it is cheaper.

The risks or downsides:

  • Most retailers already have an existing supplier so you have to market your way up.
  • Fragility as the eggs can break easily.
  • Losses from unintentional faults.
  • High cost of transportation especially when receiving orders.

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