How to monetize your Tik-Tok account.


TikTok, one of the most popular social media platform that has gained attention over the previous years, it is known for its abundance in mobile videos, skits live streams so on as it is mostly used by young people.

The concept of this platform is to allow people to quickly and easily create short videos using their smartphones, enabling everyone to be a media creator. There are more than 800 million active users of the app from all over the world

Steps to monetizing your TIk-Tok account.

Influencing: This by far remains one of the most popular ways social media content creators monetize their channels, An influencer is someone who has the ability to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their popularity, credibility, or relationship with their audience.

influencers are people who have organic followings of actual human people who value and respect the “influencer” when they talk about their area of expertise.

Livestreams: TikTok fans can help their favorite creators earn money without brands. The actual exchange rates vary with time, but the basic system is simple: TikTok users can buy “coins” using actual money via in-app purchases. They can then use their coins (and other derivative in-app currencies) to tip TikTok creators, in essence giving them a small amount of real money as a thank-you for creating some good live content. TikTok passes 80% of the value of the tip on to the person doing the live stream, building their account (and not incidentally, signaling to brands that this person is actually growing in influence.)

Selling your services or products: This is probably the most realistic way for most people to make money via TikTok, even without accumulating a huge following and becoming a national-scale influencer. The secret is to have some other line of business or store, and use TikTok as an absolutely free way to promote and sell your products or services, or even promote your existing business.

Affiliate Marketing: As the fastest growing social platform at the moment, TikTok brings many marketing opportunities. But can it be used for affiliate marketing?, Affiliate marketing on TikTok can be done through organic unpaid content or paid advertising.

Paid advertising for affiliate marketing on TikTok

Another way to do affiliate marketing on TikTok is through paid advertising. Currently, the app offers four different paid advertising options:

  • In-feed Video: the ads that appear in between users videos when you scroll through your For You page;
  • Brand Takeover: this type of ad appears when you open the TikTok app;
  • Hashtag Challenge: this is an advertising option exclusively available on TikTok and it actually gives you huge possibilities to get exposure and to grow your profile;
  • Branded AR Content: with this option, TikTok allows brands to design their own custom filter on the app. This represents a great way to encourage users to interact directly with you.

Organic Unpaid Content for Affiliate Marketing on TikTok.

Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t allow to insert links to videos yet. In the future, this could be a great option for you as an affiliate marketer because you’ll be able to add affiliate links directly to your videos.

Nevertheless, you have the option to add social links to your profiles, such as YouTube and Instagram. After adding the links, at the end of each of your videos, you can invite and convince people to subscribe and follow you on the other platforms, where you’ll be able to place the affiliate link. This method will allow you to grow your follower database and increase the earning commissions.