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How to overcome the fears of starting a business


The fears of starting a new business is something that should be expected by an upcoming entrepreneur. It can be terrifying, especially if you need to give up something secure what you possess today, to start your business as something insecure and uncertain. Feeling the fear is something that most of us have experienced in the past. Before you start a business, it is normal to feel the fear of the unknown.

With all these being said i would like to share with us ways in which we can overcome the fears of starting a new business.

Steps to overcoming the fears of starting a business.

Understand your fears.

At first you need to know what you fear before you can actually understand then find a way to conquer it. Is it uncertainty? Do you think that you will lose something if you stop doing what you are doing now to start a new business tomorrow? Alternatively, maybe you over think about the negative criticism of your closer environment?.

Possible fears might be:

  • What if I fall?
  • What if I do not know how to do something about my new entrepreneurial journey?
  • What if my products or services will not be accepted from my target market?

Prepare your mind for bad days and take some steps.

Doing something, or better said, taking some first steps as your homework will give you enough encouragement that you need to make the second stage. As you move forward step by step, the fear you feel at the beginning of the process will start disappearing. In addition once your mind is prepared for bad days which will definitely come and when it eventually comes you are prepared and pushing for greater days.

Meditate on the benefits.

  • You will do something that you love to do if you base your business on your real passion;
  • The earning potential can be higher;
  • You will be able to make your plans;
  • You will control your destiny;
  • You will select people with whom you want to work;
  • You will have constant challenges in your professional life.

When things don’t work out or fail accept it as we all fail at certain times.

Understand that everyone fails. The only people who don’t fail are those who never take something, or do something. You will not fail if you don’t take the risk.

Have big goals but start small.

Starting a new business is a big project with big goals. The big projects and big goals will require big steps.

 Simply, start small and take an incremental step. Do your work step by step. You will remove the pressure from your head, and start accomplishing one little thing every day. Day after day.

When the task you chose to do today is so small, almost meaningless, your subconscious mind will not push the resistance to do it. Such steps are not threats to your subconscious mind. But, after several days or weeks, these small steps will start bringing small success to you and your business.