How to sell more with Facebook Conversion ads


If you are a business owner and you have not started using Facebook ads then you are missing out on a lot.. Facebook ads is a a fantastic way for online shop owners to get their products in front of a bigger audience. Most importantly, they get your products in front of the right audience.

For Ecommerce owners, Facebook gives you an easy way to target a very specific customer, and drive them back to your website.

The Facebook advertising platform has 11 advertising objectives which includes brand awareness, messaging, reach, traffic, catalogue sales, lead generation, store traffic, engagement, video views, conversions and engagement.

But for this post we would be focusing on the conversions objective, this objective is the best for getting people to take serious action on your website which could include website purchases, contact submission(lead generation), custom page views and so on.

Conversion objective is most advisable objective for business owners or anyone that wants to drive traffic with a more serious intent to their website.

  After selecting the conversions objective below is a list of steps to take to sell more.

  • Use Videos:

    Facebook’s algorithm actively prioritizes video content. By using a video, your advert is much more likely to find its way onto people’s feed. Not only that, but it’s more engaging as a format. Statistics show that more than half of daily Facebook users watch videos on the platform every single day. Your customers are much more likely to stop and watch a video, as it instantly starts playing when they scroll over it.

  • Use carousels:

    Facebook now allows you to choose a multi-product carousel advert. There are tons of reasons why this particular advert type increases click-through-rate and decreases your costs

  • Use Facebook Offers:

    Everyone loves a sale, and your customers are much more likely to click when you offer a discount. If you’ve got a sale on your products, you can create an advert specifically for the sale or offer.

  • Boost an existing popular post:

    Sometimes, we’re wary of launching an advert, because we just never know how well it will react. Will anyone click through? Will it be a waste of money? That’s why boosting an existing post is a great idea. You can pick a post that has already generated tons of shares, click-throughs, and interactions. In other words, you know it works. Now, simply boost it to reach thousands of new people.

  • Don’t be salesy with your ads:

    One option is promoting an event. As an e commerce owner, events are a fantastic way to grow brand awareness. Perhaps you could host a product launch event in your area. If you own a fashion store, you could host a catwalk event, or sponsor a clothing event. If you run a jewelry shop, you could host a workshop in your local area. Then use a Facebook event to build awareness for it.