How to start your own affiliate program with WordPress.

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The concept of having your own affiliate program to promote your goods and services and also benefit the publishers or affiliates might seem complex but does it have to be well not really so what does this actually mean well let’s dive in.

An affiliate program is a marketing solution that enables you reach other people by paying others(affiliates) on every sale or when the agreement is reached it could be to get people to subscribe to a newsletter, submit credit card information and so on.

Just like any aspect of your business, you want to make sure your affiliate program is viable for your business and valuable to your customers. Plus, it also needs to be easy to use.

Recommended plugins.

The first step to starting an affiliate program is choosing the platform you’d like to work with.

Affiliate Royale.

Is a WordPress plugin that is easy to install and will have your affiliate program up and running in minutes. One of the many reasons we recommend going with this plugin rather than other affiliate program services is because you won’t need to pay monthly fees or percentages on each affiliate transaction.

Affiliate wp.

Affiliate wp is a powerful solution and is easy to set up. It integrates very well with your WordPress site which can be helpful when learning how to navigate the platform (assuming you’re already familiar with WordPress).

You can set up and manage referral links and even have tiered affiliate referrals with AffiliateWP’s Pro add-ons (but note that the Pro add-ons are only available in the Ultimate or Professional package costing $499 and $249, respectively).

Finally, AffiliateWP can be used seamlessly with other popular eCommerce tools such as WooCommerce, PayPal Buttons, MemberPress, and more.

Affiliates Manager.

This plugin is attractive to many merchants for one reason: it has a powerful free version! Plus, it’s got some really great features to it. It’s easy to install, you can set up and track your affiliate links, and integrates with some big names like WooCommerce, SimpleShopping Cart, Stripe Payments, and more.

Even if you decide to go with the Premium package, though, the cost is still very appealing. For a single site plugin (meaning you can only use it for one of your WP sites), you’re looking at just $39.99.

Author: Austine