How to Start Your Own Business In 30 Days


There are numerous businesses that individuals can start in a short period. An individual needs to research and consider important things to easily get started and ensure various resources are available.

What Business Can I Start Immediately

Nowadays, starting a business does not necessarily need a long period or excess spending of money to get started. You can stay in the comfort of your home and make a considerable amount of money daily. Some of the businesses which an individual can start immediately include;

• Freelancing

One could start making money using their knowledge of writing, coding, graphic design, and photography. It is not difficult to get jobs as there are many reliable websites online that you can consider.

• Online Retailing

Another business that you can start easily is online retailing. There are many sites that you can use to market your products and get customers to patronize you within a short period.

• Consulting/Training

Another suitable business that can start immediately is starting a consulting or training business. Many people and establishments are looking for knowledgeable trainers and consultants.

• Catering/Baking

If you have the love and experience In cooking and baking, this could be a great business for you to start. You need to have your equipment in place and create awareness for your business.

• Social Media Management

Many brands consider a social media presence very important in boosting their sales and profit. You can start a social media management business and maintain a good online presence for your clients.

• Blogging

Blogging is one of the fastest businesses to start, with an increasing amount of individuals entering the blogging industry yearly. You need to get a domain and get quality writers to help you produce articles that can earn you a good income.

• Language Translation/Transcribing

If you understand more than one language and can easily interpret it, you could turn this talent into a business. Some numerous establishments and events require individuals that can transcribe many languages for better understanding.

• Event Planning

If you can plan and make events look great and colorful, you could become a full-time event planner and handle numerous occasional events such as birthday parties and weddings.

How to Start a Business In 30 Days

One could start a business in a very short time with activities and decisions taken faster. Below is the step to starting your business within 30 days.

• Day 1 to 3: Lay The Groundwork For The Business

You would need to determine some key factors in getting your business started. Ensure you consider the risk involved, the kind of business you intend to embark on, and how you would get resources.

• Day 4 to 7: Validate Your Business Idea and Get to Know The Market

Here you would need to know what problem is around and how you can solve them with the products or service you intend to offer. Also, you need to understand the market you intend to channel your products and services and your potential customers.

• Day 8 to 11: Look At The Numbers

You need to do a feasibility study of the business you intend to start. Consider the various cost involved in starting this particular business and what your monthly budget would involve.

• Day 12 to 14: What About Funding

During this period, you would need to determine how you would raise funds to assist in the running of your business. Start with your funds and then consider other options which you can turn to for help.

• Day 15: Identify Your Unique Value Proposition

You need to determine the unique features to attach to your business that will help to differentiate it from that of your competitors.

• Day 16: Make Decisions and Start Your Business Plan

You need to make your final decisions and then start your business plan. Anyone willing to assist you or invest in your business would be very interested in knowing your business plan.

• Day 17 to 19: Getting Your Website and Location

It is important to create a web presence for your business so that customers can easily access your products or services. Ensure to get a suitable location where your business can be noticeable.

• Day 20 to 23: Determine an MVP

You can start by getting a minimum viable product to start your business easily. Simple get something that can be easily launched and would still display the value you intend to bring into the market.

• Day 24 to 25: Conclude Your Business Plan

You need to complete your business plan as you have enough footing to get detailed information on what your business show looks like and how activities show take place.

• Day 26 to 27: Set up Your Sales and Marketing Plan

Here it would help if you drew up plans for sales and marketing activities relating to the business that you intend to start. It would help if you made schedules for conducting sales and marketing.

• Day 28 to 29: Apply For Funding

You need to push with the application for funding so you can assist your business to start running. Consider making an application for a loan with your intentions made known to the specific lender.

• Day 30: Get Ready To Track Your Progress

At this point, you mainly need to pay more attention to your business to make it successful. Ensure to stay up to date with activities going on and make reports to know the level of attainment.