Importance of a landing page in lead generation.


If you had recently ran a lead generation ad you must have seen how expensive it is especially when you are running the ads through Facebook, google or any traffic source cost per lead could even eat u your ad budget leaving you to little or no conversions.

You might be hoping that you can get away with not using them. But the fact is the landing page is an indispensable part of marketing for lead generation.

Importance of a landing page in lead generation.

Good understanding of audience demography.

The idea of the landing page is that your visitors must “pay” you in information in order to get access to an offer. On the landing page, visitors must fill out a form. Though the information you request will vary, most of it will encompass contact information and demographics. Of course, contact information gives you the info you need to start contacting leads.

But the demographics information is just as important. It gives you the data you need to understand your new leads and segment them more effectively in order to better target their needs, desires, and pain points. It also helps your sales team have more valuable conversations. And ultimately, this will improve sales.


Data from landing pages can be tracked, and this can help you understand just how engaged your prospects are. You’ll get to know if a prospect has downloaded multiple offers and signed up for several webinars, for example. This indicates the prospect is highly engaged and ready to purchase soon.

In addition, you can track and analyze landing page data to better understand how well your marketing offers are performing. You can compare data from various offers to see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can optimize your marketing.


Just like landing page data can be tracked and analyzed for your benefit, the landing pages themselves can also be tested and optimized.

You can run tests on almost every element on the landing page. You can test images, headlines, copy, and form fields to see what’s getting people to convert and what’s stopping them from converting.

Use of social proof.

Misery loves company. Its true with landing pages too. People are more likely to convert if they see other people like them have already found value in your offer. 

Include testimonials, videos, names, pictures and titles of people who have received your content and loved it. This is going to improve your conversion rates dramatically and make the page look that more inviting. 

If I see other people who look like me, sound like me, have similar titles as me, from companies like mine; I’m going to be more likely to share my contact information to find out what I might be missing out on.

It’s easier to wet audience interests.

A landing page makes it easier to wet the interests of your audience with a good compelling copy unlike when you just have to make them submit their information without having a full understanding of the whole action.

This makes it easy for you to get more conversions, making follow up easier.