Increasing brand awareness with Whatsapp Marketing.


Whatsapp which is the most popular messaging platform on the internet today can be used to increase brand awareness since it’s used by mostly people with smartphones also considering the fact that people chat every single day,  1.5 billion monthly users and over 60 billion messages are sent every day. The best part is that WhatsApp is a free mobile app – a smart tool for reaching out to clients!.

Businesses may try to understand what makes WhatsApp market a great choice. Well, the prime reason to use this potent solution is that most of your customers must be using it. Employees can communicate directly with clients in real-time. Investing in a bulk WhatsApp sender can boost brand visibility and enhance reputation. Simple, flexible and agile, WhatsApp can transform marketing campaigns and increase revenues.

Also considering the rise of Whatsapp TV’s more and more people can be reached with Whatsapp advertising.

Steps to harnessing the power of whatsapp.

Build your contact list or number base

Digital marketers cannot use WhatsApp to send messages to anybody. To add clients to the company database, they need to send an invitation to contact. Companies need to design an appealing promotion message to attract customers. They could give a freebie, have a contest or offer a discount on a service or product.

This will motivate users to send contact information promptly. They will connect with your team on WhatsApp to receive such offers in the future too. Once clients join an organization’s WhatsApp database, they remain in constant touch. It is vital for marketers to create a strong and unified database to target the most audience!


The core purpose of WhatsApp as a marketing tool is to engage clients. It is essential to grab customer interest by sending interesting and relevant messages. They should be short, crisp and packed with important information. Businesses can create groups of up to 257 members and send them group messages.

A unique group name with the logo is sure to catch the interest and keep users hooked on to marketing messages. Videos, pictures, slogans, and banners can make sure to catch customer attention. Content is king, and creating valuable content is the best way to create a strong brand identity!.

Information Gathering and Feedbacks.

Feedback from customers can go a long way in improving customer experience. It is important to give customers a forum to give valuable feedback. Good organizations regularly conduct marketing research and make improvements that will please their customers. WhatsApp can provide consumer data on trends, behaviors, and past purchases.

Customer Service.

The best organizations are always super responsive to customer problems. Digital marketing services can ease smooth access between support representatives and customers. WhatsApp is an intelligent portal that can provide quality service to customers proactively.