Microsoft in talks to buy TIk-Tok.


Microsoft confirms that it is in negotiation with the popular Chinese tech company ByteDance in order to acquire its social app Tik-Tok making it known to us all that if the deal goes well the app would be acquired.

Microsoft also made it known that they are committed to keeping data of the users after it has been acquired and also ensuring the data is deleted if available elsewhere.

A TikTok acquisition could make the software maker a major provider of enterprise software, more focused on consumer technology, which Microsoft has exited from in the past few years in business segments such as e-book markets, phone hardware, and fitness hardware.

Microsoft says that it is committed to acquiring TikTok and providing proper economic benefits to the United States.

The offer by Microsoft seems to be an escalation of President Trump’s recent attacks on TikTok and other Chinese tech startups, Bloomberg reported.