Mindsets for enduring success.


There are two types of people – the one-hit-wonders who enjoy short-term success and those who achieve enduring success that sustains them for life. The businessperson who holds the belief that they already have what it takes to be succesful and that they already know what they need to know, approach success from a limited and closed mind. They avoid change, have difficulty accepting advice or criticism and sidestep personal growth. 

Failures a step towards success.

Success is a process, not an event. Set your mind to the readiness to make mistakes and to experience great challenge. These times will prove to be your greatest gifts. If you are wrong, you will likely be corrected. Take this in because it is an opportunity to learn and to do better the next time. 

 I can always do better.

Success is built upon your ability to learn. Set your mind to viewing your teachers, coaches, colleagues, and bosses as mentors. They are resources for you to be open to. If you go into any situation believing you already have it figured out, you stunt your ability to become more successful. 

Challenges are part of life.

Open your mind to challenge; welcome it. Challenge isn’t something to avoid, it is the catalyst to success you must thrive upon. Challenge doesn’t just foster the growth of your skills or knowledge, it helps grow the belief deep within yourself that you can do it.

My attitude and efforts create my future.

Set your mind to the understanding that effort is what makes you smart and talented, it is not the organic nature of your brain, where you were educated or the score on your IQ test. 

Successful people are helpful.

Believe that other successful people are in your life to lift you up, not keep you down. Successful people are full of useful information which can help you to chart your own path to success. Most are very willing to share with you how they were able to succeed at the higher levels.

 I will never give up.

Set your mind to thrive. Persevere no matter your circumstances. Let there be no language of giving up. There is no replacement on any journey towards success more sustaining than perseverance. Talent is not persistence. There are a number of unsuccessful talented, skilled people in this world.