Nigerians spend N3.73 billion in Cinemas in 2019


Nigerians across major cities spent N3.730 billion on Top 20 movies (weekends) at several cinemas across the country, most of which were foreign ones. This was disclosed in the data obtained by Nairametrics from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN).

CEAN is an association of cinema owners, operators, and managers incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria.

The movies, which were seen across Silverbird, VIVA Cinema, Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Film One Cinema, and Ozone Cinema among other Cinemas, were mainly divided into two: Foreign and local movies. While the foreign movies dominated the Top 20 movies chart (15 of them made the list) their local counterparts managed to get five spots on the list.  

List showing movies and the revenue.