Online Presence and Globalization: The need and importance.


In this digital age the need for online presence can not be overemphasized, as more and more businesses understand the importance and the requirement of having their business online. Being well represented online is a necessary part of becoming successful in most industries. Technology and online options are moving at such a rapid pace, if you haven’t built up your presence, there is no better time to get started than now.

No matter how small or big or what industry you belong to, having these vital components can help your business be found by anyone, anywhere and at any given time. Now it’s easy to meet people from all works of the world, thanks to the internet and all forms of internationalization technology.

In today’s online settings, global is the buzzword. Increasing your business’s reach to multiple countries expands your market exponentially. What happens if you ignore the expansion and only push to the limits of your native market? You miss out on a great opportunity for brand development.

Advantages Of Having An Online Presence

  • Easy accessibility.
  • Greater audience reach.
  • Access to more opportunities.
  • Easier to get reviews.
  • Referrals.
  • It motivates automation

Roadmap to better online presence

source: views digital marketing

Google My Business: With so many using Google Maps for directions and information, it is imperative to be listed here. Your business will automatically show up with any others that have signed up, along with the information you provide, including opening hours, website, and telephone number. 

Social media: Have a presence on all the major sites. There is no reason not to already be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and Tumblr are the most commonly used social media sites as of 2018. Looking worldwide, Facebook is the most popular, and Twitter a close second, in certain regions. Have social media buttons easily accessible from your website, in your email signature, and a “share” button which will get your message out to more customers.

Directories: This can be best described as a database or a website containing information on various niches an example is Vconnect, Nigeria Directory, AM Forums, and so on. listings. Think of your target audience and put a listing where they might go to search for your business. Top U.S. directories include Google Places, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yellowpages, Yelp, and Local

Yahoo Pages: While you may not think of Yahoo as being as relevant as it once was, it is still in the top 10 of most visited pages in the world, according to this article. Add your business to the Yahoo Pages which will come up in those who use this search engine.

The competitive advantage

Online presence is no longer a luxury or somethng for companies but instead, it is a necessity for any business, big or small, to flourish and thrive in the technological IoT world. Ideas, concepts, services, and information can all be found at the drop of a hat. Revitalize your site, add more engaging content, and continue to reach your core audience with all kinds of optimization.

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See you at the top.

Author: Austine