Preparing yourself for the post Covid-19 experience, changes Covid19 has brought, winners, loosers and positioning.


Hmmmmm a deep breath before proceeding on this, as we all know the pandemic has brought both good and bad, everyone is thinking when will this come to an end, how do we go about this business owners are like low sales and expiring rent what’s all these, parents are angry telling their kids to manage things or whatever they have at home, schools are closed, cases keep increasing in some regions and everything seems to be upside down, relax take a deep breath and dive into this with me.

Let’s get started, a big change is coming infact we are seeing changes everywhere especially in businesses, culture and other aspects of life. People are now going online. brick and mortar shops are now going for eCommerce solutions, even companies like Tesla and other Auto companies have gone online that even now you have to select the design you want instead of going to a garage, everyone is looking for easy solutions making automation become the next big thing.

The need for A.I services has greatly increased ever than before, people have now realized that most of the things they thought can be done at the office can be done at home, infact those that thought that there is little productivity working from home have changed their minds to accept the new reality. Advertising has been greatly impacted as better algorithms have been developed for targetting and reaching desired audience.

Schools that discouraged E-learning have no choice now than to adapt to it, blend their students towards adopting to the new norms and also encourage the techprenuer in them all this making them understand the fact that innovation will always thrive no matter the crisis.

Even hospitals are now beginning to adapt to A.I services like Intelligent symptom checking, use of unsupervised learning to get cures for diseases, deep learning for actionable insights and so on.

Blockchain technology making the demand for digital currencies like bitcoin and ethreum be on the rise, defining the new ways of making payment as you can pay for almost everything with your bitcoin wallet, transfer funds for as low as 0.1% charges and so on.

Wining Sectors Of The Economy

  • Healthcare.
  • Tech.
  • Agriculture.
  • Logistics

Loosing Sectors Of The Economy

  • Mining
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Entertainment


Considering the following changes and observing the happenings in your country and around the world, the best way to position is by learning a new skill that was highly in demand during the lockdown examples of them are web development (the need for ecommerce is really on the rise), Tailoring (the need for facemask, this is here to stay), Baking (demand for good food), Mobile App development (People wanted more functionality so there websites were converted to apps), trading digital currencies (the demand for digital currencies rose), Forex Trading (despite the lockdown i still saw people making $100 – $500 daily) and a lot of other skills.

For business people the best way to position is by adopting technologies like eCommerce, working on your online presence, focus on building a social media page and also getting engagements, start using social media ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads and so on but i will always recommend Facebook for social media ads, understand search engines and use PPC ads like Google Ads, Bing ads and so on. Google my business is also worth looking at also if you can afford a digital marketer it would really go a longway in your business development.

Conclusion, this is not the time to resist change or hate technology as old people are even coming online and also computer literacy should not be taken for granted things have greatly changed and the world will never remain the same after this pandemic is over as every sector will work towards strengthening themselves against all forms of break down so therefore there is going to be a lot of advancement be prepared.

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See you at the top, from all of us @Youngprenuers.