Reasons Why Visitors leave your site and never come back.


You spent thousands on building your website, but what good is any of this if you don’t make sales and visitors keep leaving. Traffic alone won’t cut it. We all know that.

Even as businesses strive daily to create a lasting impression on their visitors, many of these efforts go in vain.

Your Website Layout.

When it comes to webpages, sadly, it’s going to be judged by its appearance and design.

Although looking at the bigger picture, good content should be the major priority when it comes to judging a website. The reality is that you could have an absolutely good content and it won’t mean anything if you don’t have a good website design to compliment it.

Multimedia That Plays Automatically

Digital marketing is still a learning process. A few years ago we thought it was a good idea to have videos on landing pages that started to play automatically. Well, we were mistaken.

First of all, auto-playing videos are going to slow down your landing page.
If a visitor has a slow internet connection he’s going to be left with a buffering video player and a bad impression. They are almost always going to bounce from the site.

Secondly, you’re playing the video against the consent of your visitor. This brings up the fact that the user is in fact not in control, and nobody wants to feel that way. They are going to see this as an intrusion.

No call to action buttons.

This is very important but most times overlooked, even if you have great content and a cool design the user will still leave your website or blog because he doesn’t know were to go from that page he is. In excess, try to link to similar content and provide a CTA(call to action button) to direct the visitor to similar or other relevant pages.

Wrong audience.

Have you wondered?, if you’re even getting the right audience from your traffic? Is the traffic leading to conversions?.

Too often has it happened that marketers are so focused on optimizing so as to get traffic that they don’t stop to wonder whether they are getting the right traffic? The problem with this is that a visitor might end up on your landing page simply because you rank on a particular keyword.

Your landing page might be completely irrelevant to the visitor and they are sure to bounce off.
So even if it means sacrificing a few visitors, try to optimize your webpages keeping in mind who the right target audiences are.

Inactive blog or Outdated Content.

This is very important because, it helps to heighten the impression created in your visitors about your blog, but if you’re not always active or posting new stuff your blog becomes boring and they move on.

Make it a point to freshen up your website by updating your blog at least once a week.

Slow Website

A website that takes a whole lot of time to load can be really frustrating and annoying and this can easily pease off your visitors, Regardless of how great your content is, visitors are not going to wait at your doorstep, especially when they can access your competitor’s site faster.