Reasons you should start a business.


You have been craving to start a business that will generate income for you.
Among these are found the reasons you should create other sources of income in
this new era:-

High rate of Unemployment and Job Losses-: This is a 21st Century, and this era entails the need to create a personal business. In your personal business,
you are working and making the income for yourself unlike if you are under a payroll; but apart from making more money when you are your own boss, it gives you the freedom to enjoy life, travel and experience all the good things of
life. There is a high rate of unemployment today which drives many people into
crimes and irregularities, but if you could create your own business,
unemployment or the fear of losing your job will be a thing of the past.

Rising Health Care Costs:- One major reason you should think of creating your
own business is the difficulty of financing your health when you are under a
payroll-which is fixed. If the money you make at the end of every month is fixed
(and likely you have budgeted how it will be spent), there will be a danger
when emergency arrives. We lose some souls in the hospital today because of
that. It may not surprise you to notice that they die because they are working
under a boss who pays them a minimal amount of money that barely feed them
let alone take care of their health. Where Health Care Costs are likely
exorbitant, one has to create a business that will adequately take care of that.

Unique opportunities:- There are so many opportunities in this era. Prepare
yourself to start with one, however the unique one among them should be your
passion. When your passion meets with purpose, you shall succeed and live a

wonderful life, which would have eluded you had you stuck in that job you are
not happy doing.

Long-term wealth:- Have you ever heard that among all the richest men in the
world that ever existed that one worked under a boss and became the richest?
The answer is capital NO. This is because to create a long-term wealth, and
become the richest, you have to create your own business. The business of 21st

century calls for entrepreneurship, which is going out on your own, taking the
acceptable and required risks to succeed and creating a long-term wealth.