Remotasks: Review and how to earn.

Advertisements or Remotasks(remote tasks)is a crowd sourcing platform that pays people to do various tasks which are later used in training artificial intelligence(A.I).

Remotasks is a company founded by Scale A.I, and the goal of remotask was to help improve, increase the number of datasets available to train all kinds of A.I as the company was formed in 2017.

Remotasks has a list of client companies that provide these tasks, from small startups to big corporations. Anyone can work on Remotasks, however the only requirement is to be fluent in English. As a worker you can unlock paid tasks by completing a training course and the test that comes with it. The more exams you take and the more your accuracy, more and better paid tasking opportunities will be open to you.

How to become a remotasker.

Anyone with an intermediate level of computer skills can actually become a remotasker at least you should be able to use computer shortcuts, browse the web, align objects or use Microsoft word or excel, and some level of computer functions.

Required: A computer or a laptop, a phone, internet connection and a PayPal account.

To become a remotasker just visit and sign up with your Facebook account and verify your phone number.

source: Remotasks.

Look through the image you would see a part were it stated earn $10, unfortunately you can no longer earn by referring as people have abused this feature so it was recently removed but this site still holds a lot of great opportunities, especially if you’re not really sound in the aspect of tech.

After logging in you will see a dashboard containing all your account details so before proceeding with anything you are to first complete a basic video training showing you all you need to know and how the various tasks and data is being used. On completing the trainings you are to complete a test then you can start working on paid tasks but before we get to that let’s see important aspects of remotasks and how they all apply to you.

Various kinds of task on Remotasks.

Lidar Annotation: It involves object identification in 3D space, this data is used to train systems for self driving cars and it’s the most complex task on remotasks.

Image Labelling: It involves labelling of objects according to various guidelines that data is used to teach AI to identify objects.

Lidar segmentation: This is similar to image labelling but a bit different and there are other tasks like audio transcribing, video labelling and so on these other tasks are very easy and can be easily completed.


Honestly from my own experience remotask is very interesting and rewarding it just requires your time and patience to earn, payment is made every week.

But due to the pandemic it’s done twice a month but as soon as it’s over payments will be made weekly.

Downside: Reviewing completed task takes time and the only available payment option is PayPal.

For more or questions leave a comment or sign up and leave your questions in the forum.

We will also be teaching forum members how to create a working PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receives payments and you can withdraw to your bank accounts.