'…Recite the next verse.' He barked once again! Larai does not respond. 'OK. I'll help you out,'

He faces the girls and recites, 'O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood…,' he pauses and continues, 'who among you believes in this? If you don't believe in this, come out.' The girls remain where they are, nobody comes out.

He orders his men to bring Larai forward! One of them drags her out, ties her hands behind her back and force her on her knees. The man holds a knife to her throat, looks at the girls and says, 'with her blood, you're redeemed.'

His voice moves slowly and penetrating as the knife sinks into Larai's throat… as the rest of the girls scream in horror…! They assembled the girls and lead them in a straight line into the bush…


'You're home.'

'Home!’ She replied

'Yes. I live here. You're my wife. That makes this your home.'

‘Wife!’ she swallowed a huge lump of saliva that had suddenly formed in her throat. “Who are you?’ she managed to say…the words not coherent.

‘I am your husband, though others call me the Amir.’

I am the grand spiritual and Commander of these loyal and faithful servants within the camp and other camps as well as those in and outside the forest, fighting the cause of our God!

Saratu stands still, unable to move. He drags her to the mattress. She falls and starts screaming, 'help me…help me…’ He places his hand on her mouth and uses his left hand to lift her dress…


…A feeling of shock, uncertainty, dismay, helplessness yet brave….

And Yes!...That was exactly the feeling…the feeling of a 15-year-old Saratu when her young life was abruptly cut short by rampaging bandits, and turned into an object of sexual pleasure…!

But that’s just the beginning of the story…

You need to read to see what became her fate and thousands more of her mates facing the same predicament in the perennial insurgency in the beautiful state of Northern Breadia!!!

This is a storytelling Masterpiece in...


A truly electrifying story that vividly tells the story of the impact of insurgency on the Girl Child…the abuse, the inhuman treatment they pass through, Straight from the eyes of Saratu and the kidnapped students of Makaranta Gari Girls Secondary School of Northeastern Breadia.

You get to feel, her pain, her confusions, her naivety and a series of other emotions any teenager in her shoes would have felt too.

Including you. It’s a MUST READ

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Unlike any other book on effects of conflicts you might have read before now…this is a first hand witness…

This is a report directly from a victim…

A victim that carries you through an eye opening, graphic, and brain jolting experience that she lived and felt

A Victim with a terrifying and almost hopeless account…that would be sure to bring you close to tears!


- Is there hope for these victims and her mis-fortuned school mates?

- Will the system that is supposed to recover and protect them actually do that, or is it broken and corrupt itself?

- Would there be a light at these dark tunnels for this girl child and her schoolmates or does it end terribly as well?

You see Dear Reader, this is more than just any story in a publication…!

It’s a story too real to be true...

And could that statement be backed up?... Definitely!

A select handful of people who had the privilege to go through SARATU…THE VOICELESS have claimed guilty of been hooked and unable to drop the book…even reading it repeatedly!

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..and can be narrated with such an unbelievable storytelling prowess by Saratu and her friends…that it seems like they were almost  in the story with her”

While others say their love for this book is because…

  • they were almost unable to comprehend the horror the girl child goes through in the hands of these bandits,
  • from the government that supposedly ought to save them,
  • And from their so called saviors asking for sex to provide for the girls, girls Saratu’s age and less.

As well as a whole lot more.

But the bottom line is…

To all of these people, it was like living in the story.

With them experiencing both the Horrific, the Thrilling, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly while reading this book…And yet being exposed to the politics that play behind the scenes.

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